Chapter 227: Swallowing The Heavenly Flame, Begin!

Chapter 227: Swallowing The Heavenly Flame, Begin!

After he gradually recovered his body back to its peak condition, Xiao Yan finally began to calm down. He lifted his head and stared at the crescent moon in the sky for a long time. Then he let out a soft laugh, carried the Green Lotus Seat in his hand and stood up.

“Let’s find a safer place first.” Yao Lao said softly.

“Haha, alright.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded his head. He scanned the terrain around him. This was the only mountain at the edge of the desert. By being able to block the desert to the foot of the mountain, the size of the mountain would not be very small.

On the mountain, there was the occasional sound from the howling wolves and the roaring of tigers. It appeared as though they were announcing to everyone that the territory here already had an owner.

Carrying the Green Lotus Seat tightly in his hands, the tip of Xiao Yan’s feet stepped heavily on the ground. An energy explosion sounded and his body abruptly ascended and swiftly landed on top of a huge tree beside him. His body swayed with the tree branches as his gaze swept across the surrounding fresh green mountain forest. Following which, he gently pressed against the tree branch and his body quickly flashed across the dense forest like an eagle...

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