Chapter 226: Fruition

Chapter 226: Fruition

The flaming human figure flew across the skyline and suddenly paused in midair a moment later. The thick white flame on his body also gradually disappeared. Once the flame completely vanished, the delicate and handsome face of a young man was revealed.

The young man’s black eyes blinked gently as he tilted his head back. The vicissitude in his eyes swiftly withdrew and a cunningness and vitality of a young man replaced it.

“Teacher, just now… what happened?” Xiao Yan gently twisted his neck, pressed his eyebrows together and softly asked. His inquiry was naturally about why Yao Lao’s sure attack from before was suddenly shattered.

“It’s the doing of that thing in your sleeves…” Yao Lao helplessly answered, “Was it not for the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ isolating its Qi, I’m afraid that Yun Zhi and the Snake-People would have sensed that this Qi was Queen Medusa’s…”

“It’s her?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan stilled for a moment. His palm extended into his sleeves and carefully pulled out the Seven-Colored small snake, whose entire body was warm like jade. He placed her on his palm and stared intently.

Sensing Xiao Yan’s focus, the Seven-Colored small snake also raised her small...

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