Chapter 225: Ability

Chapter 225: Ability

When the enormous green energy serpent came into contact with the sweeping thick white flame, it began to swiftly disappear, much like snow coming into contact with heat. In just the blink of an eye, the ferocious huge serpent that whizzed over the skyline suddenly disappeared from the sky. All that was left was a somewhat desolate cry from it that slowly echoed in the sky… until it disappeared.

The sudden change caused everyone to adopt completely stunned faces. A long while later, numerous shocked gazes finally hurriedly turned toward the flame person in the sky.

The human figure stood under the blue sky and a thick white-colored flame continued to writhe on his body, completely covering him. Due to the flame being extremely dense, those outside also had difficulty seeing the face of the person under it; the high temperature caused by the flame also caused the surrounding air to appear a little distorted. From afar, it was as though creases had formed in the air, appearing extremely strange.

Even though the five Dou Wangs of the Snake-People were quite far away, they could still feel the intense heat emitted from the white flame. After...

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