Chapter 225: Ability

Chapter 225: Ability

When the enormous green energy serpent came into contact with the sweeping thick white flame, it began to swiftly disappear, much like snow coming into contact with heat. In just the blink of an eye, the ferocious huge serpent that whizzed over the skyline suddenly disappeared from the sky. All that was left was a somewhat desolate cry from it that slowly echoed in the sky… until it disappeared.

The sudden change caused everyone to adopt completely stunned faces. A long while later, numerous shocked gazes finally hurriedly turned toward the flame person in the sky.

The human figure stood under the blue sky and a thick white-colored flame continued to writhe on his body, completely covering him. Due to the flame being extremely dense, those outside also had difficulty seeing the face of the person under it; the high temperature caused by the flame also caused the surrounding air to appear a little distorted. From afar, it was as though creases had formed in the air, appearing extremely strange.

Even though the five Dou Wangs of the Snake-People were quite far away, they could still feel the intense heat emitted from the white flame. After swallowing dryly, they exchanged glances and could see the fear in each other’s hearts.

“Who are you? Why have you meddled in the affairs of the Snake-People race?” The sudden appearance of the flaming human figure and the frightening attack that he had unleashed immediately caused the grey clothed old man’s face to turn much more gloomy. However, in this kind of situation, he did not dare to randomly offend a mysterious strong person of unknown origin. He exchanged glances with his companions before taking a step forward and asking in a deep voice.

“No reason… I simply like it.” An old voice that was neither fast nor slow was emitted from within the white-colored flame. The indifferent tone resulted in the faces of the grey clothed old man’s group to turn ugly.

Standing a short distance behind the flame person, Yun Zhi was a little stunned as she stared at the human figure in front of her. She knit her eyebrows together for a moment. However, she could not think of a strong Dou Huang who could control a white-colored flame within the Jia Ma Empire.

Yun Zhi’s pretty eyes swept across the writhing white flame before her pupils suddenly shrunk. A moment later, shock suddenly flashed passed her… From her senses, she could clearly feel that despite the hot temperature emanated from the thick white flame, the flame clearly seemed to feel like pieces of Thousand Years Cold Ice. However, how could ice release such a hot flame? What was this strange thing?

“Don’t tell me… don’t tell me this is a ‘Heavenly Flame’?” Yun Zhi blinked her eyes and recalled those strange natural flames. Her heart beat violently. On top of her heart being shocked, she did not know whether to laugh or cry. She had managed to see two ‘Heavenly Flames’ today while they were usually extremely rare to see on any day. Could this be considered lucky?

“This old sir, thank you for helping. Haha. But these jumping clowns do not pose too much of a threat to me…” After shaking her head to remove those thoughts from her head, Yun Zhi said with a smile to the flaming person in front of her as a gratitude and gentleness surfaced on her pretty face.

“Perhaps…” The flaming human figure said faintly, “I am not a person who likes to meddle in matters. If it were not for someone making a request, I would not put in so much effort to hurry over.”

“Someone’s request?” Hearing this, Yun Zhi was momentarily at a loss. Her eyebrows were pressed together as she asked, “Old sir, may I know who is the one who requested for you to come and help me? Is it Gu He?”

“Hehe. Gu He may have quite a good reputation in the Jia Ma Empire, but he doesn’t have the qualification to request me to do anything.” The old laughter from the flaming human figure contained a little disdain.

Hearing the flaming human figure readily disagree, Yun Zhi was once again at a loss. A doubt immediately flashed across her pretty face. Among all the people she knew, there were not many who had the ability to invite a Dou Huang to take action. Moreover, her current arrival in the desert was part of a secret plan. There were only a few people that knew about it. Thus, only Gu He had the highest possibility. However, from the tone of the old man, it seemed that he was not too concerned about the Pill-King.

“Stop thinking. After getting rid of these long tailed Snake-People, I also need to quickly go and do something.” The flaming human figure waved his hand and said blandly. He immediately raised his head and watched the five Dou Wangs in midair. In a faint voice, he said, “I have long heard that the Dou Techniques of the Snake-People race are very unique. Today, I would like to try taking them on.”

The corner of the grey clothed old man’s mouth twitched as his gaze stared sinisterly at the flaming human figure. Even with his experience, he realized that he could not determine the origin of this strong person in front of him. He felt some disbelief and his mood gradually sunk. They could still rely on merging their Dou Qi to fight against a Dou Huang for awhile. However, if it there were two Dou Huang, then the five of them would be easily defeated by their opponents. The grey clothed old man clearly knew how strong a Dou Huang was and naturally knew the difference between his group and their opponents.

“The Snake-People race does not have any grudges against you. However, your action today will be remembered by the Snake-People race…” Even though their group lost in strength, the grey clothed old man did not want to appear weak. Thus even though they were at a disadvantage, the grey clothed old man kept his cold smile as he left some resolute words. After which, he released a sharp cry and shouted, “Withdraw!”

Hearing the grey clothed old man cry, the surrounding four Dou Wangs hesitated for a moment before they stared unresigningly at the flaming human figure in the sky. Their hands simultaneously formed some seals. Following a cry, the five Snake-People appeared to explode. Numerous small energy snakes swarmed out in all directions the moment the explosion sounded in the air and began rushing out towards all directions in the desert.

When she saw the grey clothed old man’s group intending to flee, Yun Zhi frowned. She was just about to move her body to block them when that flaming human figure shook his hand.

Yun Zhi could only stop her action when she saw the flaming human figure’s movement.

After the flaming human figure coldly watched those countless of fleeing small energy snakes for an instant, he gently waved both his palms. Immediately, five sharp needles coagulated from the thick white flame and began to swiftly form in front of him.

As the five flame sharp needles slowly rotated, the flaming human figure icily watched the surrounding small energy snakes that appeared to have covered the entire place. His ferocious Spiritual Strength broke out of his body and scanned for the real body hidden among the countless small snake. Instantly, he let out a soft cold smile. Tapping his finger gently, the five thick white flame sharp needles suddenly shot in five different directions.

The thick white flame sharp needles may have appeared tiny but they left a few faint white scars in the blue sky as they passed through the air. The hot temperature that was contained within them also caused the surrounding air to be vaporized into nothing.

Seeing that these humble looking spiraling flame sharp needles were actually able to create such power, an astonished expression appeared on Yun Zhi’s face. The curiosity she had for the identity of this mysterious person in front of her also grew.

The spiraling flame sharp needles cut through the skyline in a lightning like manner and shot into the small energy snakes that were running in all directions. Although the small energy snake largely appeared completely the same, the spiraling sharp needles appeared to have a clear target. Along the way, they incinerated a few small snakes which were blocking their paths into nothingness before viciously piercing at five extremely small snakes.

Appearing to have felt the imminent frightening attack, the five small snakes hurriedly turned their heads around. A human like shock appeared in their triangular shaped eyes when they saw the flame sharp needles shooting towards them.

“Allowing the tiger to return to the mountain is not my style. Since we have become enemies, I will naturally not leave any seeds of trouble…” The flaming human figure said softly as he stared indifferently at the five small snakes which were about to be struck by the spiraling flame needles. Behind him, Yun Zhi did not say anything when she saw the flaming human figure’s action. She was not a foolish kind of person. When it was time to be vicious, she would be more vicious that even some executioners. Having reached her position and strength, she had mastered the skill of deciding when to be vicious and when to be kind.

TL: Allowing the tiger to return to the mountain - chinese idiom - meaning letting a potentially dangerous enemy escape, which may lead to serious problems in the future

In the sky, five flame sharp needles, accompanied by sharp explosive sounds, shot ferociously at the five small snakes. However, something happened the moment the needles were about to touch their body.

“Hmph…” The moment before the five small snakes were about to be struck, the flaming human figure suddenly trembled intensely. A soft muffled croon sounded from within the flame.

Clearly hearing this muffled croon, Yun Zhi stilled and hurriedly asked, “Old sir, are you alright?” Her face changed just after she asked those words. This was because she felt an extremely strong Qi suddenly surging from within the thick white flame. This Qi appeared out of thin air and spread across the empty space like lightning. It swiftly caught up with those five flame sharp needles. With a slight shake, it shook the five sharp needles that were formed from the ‘Heavenly Flame’ into nothingness.

During this extremely dangerous moment, the five small snake swayed their snake tails and violently drilled their bodies into the sand dunes, disappearing from the sight of the two people in a very embarrassing manner.

“Damn beast…” A furious old voice sounded from within the thick white flame as he saw the five small snakes disappear.

As the angry cursing fell, the faintly wild and terrifying Qi gradually extinguished. A moment later, the Qi completely disappeared as if it had never appeared.

“Ugh, what a waste of effort…” The flaming human figure sighed and shook his head. He violently smacked his sleeves as though he was scolding something. Then he turned around, glanced at the pretty Yun Zi before flying toward the edge of the desert.

When he was flying past Yun Zhi’s shoulders, the flaming human figure paused slightly. There was a brief hesitation before he said, “Oh yes, a young fellow told me to relay his apologies to you. He seemed to have gone a little overboard just a few minute ago…”

Hearing this, Yun Zhi’s lovely body stilled. Her small red moist lips widened and her pretty face was totally stunned. From this little bit of information that the mysterious person had haphazardly revealed, she learned that… This Dou Huang who had hurried over to support her… Was actually someone that Xiao Yan had invited.

“This little fellow… His power isn’t small... It seems I have underestimated you in the past.” Yun Zhi muttered in shock as she tilted her head and eyed the flaming human figure that had swiftly disappeared from the edge of her vision.

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