Chapter 224: Five Snake Death Poison Seal

Chapter 224: Five Snake Death Poison Seal

With a gloomy expression, Xiao Yan flew furiously for some distance in the desert before his heart began to gradually calm down. His speed slowly declined. As he recalled the attitude he showed Yun Zhi, he could not help but smile bitterly. It seemed that he went overboard.

“She kindly recommended a training place for my own good. Ugh, I was reckless.” Xiao Yan patted his forehead gently and softly sighed.

Xiao Yan rubbed his forehead gently with his palm. He recalled how Yun Zhi was frustrated after seeing him but still gave up her intentions of taking the ‘Heavenly Flame’. The apologetic feeling in his heart grew even more dense.

The wings behind his back flapped slightly and Xiao Yan’s figure stopped in midair. He turned his head around and stared at the end of the desert before mumbling with hesitation, “Should I go back and take a look?”

Xiao Yan frowned and mused for a moment. The corner of his eyes glanced at the Green Lotus Seat he carried on his hand and sighed lightly. He whispered, “With her ability, two Dou Wangs should not be able to do anything to her. I am currently carrying a unique treasure like the ‘Heavenly Flame’ on me. If I were to return, I may end up bringing her quite a lot of trouble.”

Xiao Yan muttered to himself for a while. Just when he was planning to leave, the calm sky in the distant inner region of the desert suddenly raged. Five incomparably ferocious forces shot out from the horizon. The five different forces were divided into five different huge colored pillars. They were like five pillars holding the sky, fixed tightly on the enormous blue sky.

“This is?” Staring seriously at the five huge light pillars at the edge of his sight, Xiao Yan’s face changed as he cried out involuntarily.

“The strong people of the Snake-People race… five Dou Wangs.” Yao Lao’s somewhat stunned old voice sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart: “Looks like the strong of the Snake-People race have arrived very quickly. That woman called Yun Zhi seems to have some trouble.”

“Five Dou Wangs?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan’s heart suddenly jumped. His expression instantly sunk. With a frown, he said, “Their speed is really too fast… but with Yun Zhi’s strength, there shouldn’t be any problem, no? She is after all a Dou Huang.”

“That’s difficult to say… a Dou Huang may be very strong but a Dou Wang isn’t too lousy either. Moreover, it is the sum of five Dou Wangs… and the strong people of the Snake-People clan know some Dou Techniques to combine their strength due to their bloodline. If we add all these up, then Yun Shi should have quite a bit of trouble handling them.” Yao Lao voiced his thoughts.

Xiao Yan’s frown deepened. A long while later, he tightly pressed his lips together, stared intently at the five huge energy pillars above the desert and did not hesitate in saying, “Then we will return!”

“It’s up to you.” Yao Lao was unconcerned with regards to this.

Xiao Yan nodded his head, carried the Green Lotus Seat and gently flapped the Purple Cloud Wings on his back. He turned around and swiftly retraced the path he had taken.

In the never ending golden-colored desert, six figures were suspended in the empty space. Behind each of them were a pair of flapping Dou Qi wings. As the pairs of Dou Qi wings flapped, bursts of gentle breezes swept up waves of yellow dust.

In the middle of the surrounding five figures, the black-robed person stood indifferently. Her beautiful eyes glanced briefly at the five around her and gently said, “Your speeds really shocks me.”

“Bah.” Yan Ci, whose face was a little pale spat out a mouthful of fresh blood with phlegm. His clothes were currently in pieces and his entire body was covered with blood. Numerous frightening hideous wounds surfaced on his lower abdomen and his arms.

When he and the gray clothed man had took the lead in blocking Yun Zhi just now, the woman who was entirely covered in black acted like an vengeful woman who appeared to have been abandoned by a man. She suddenly attacked them the moment they met without even giving them the chance to speak. Under this kind of situation where they did not have time to act, Yan Ci took the first blow.

In just a short few minutes, Yan Ci suffered some quite serious injuries under the black-robed person’s attack. Had the other three strong Snake-People not arrived in time, he might have ended up being very seriously injured even with help from the gray clothed old man.

A Dou Wang may be considered to be someone strong but they were of an entirely different class than a Dou Huang. With just two Dou Wangs, they did not have the qualification to clash with a Dou Huang. Additionally, Yan Ci’s combat method had always been clashing head on. By fighting in this manner with a Dou Huang, he would naturally be at a terrible disadvantage. Of course, the most important reason for his injuries was that the black-robed person was extremely vicious in her attacks.

“You are quite vicious in your attacks. Not only did you not apologize after haughtily charging into the territory of our Snake-People clan but you have instead acted this arrogantly. Do you really think that our Snake-People race does not have anyone who can defeat you?” The gray clothed old man swept his gaze coldly across the black-robed person as he said thickly.

“Hehe, apologize? But even if I did apologize, I don’t think that you would accept it. Since it is useless, why should I apologize?” The black-robed person laughed indifferently, “The Snake-People race who have lost Queen Medusa seem to be unable to pose much trouble.”

“Despicable and shameless humans! If you had not come and disturbed her, how could Her Majesty’s evolution fail?” Yan Ci angrily shouted.

“Tsk tsk, if you really think like that, then I’m afraid that you are completely mistaken. Although Queen Medusa’s evolution appears to have failed, she was raised by me. Thus, I can vaguely sense that she has not really died. Someday in the future, she will return to the Tager Desert and once more lead our Snake-People race to leave this damned place!” The gray clothed old man coldly laughed, “When that time comes, we will definitely go and settle all the scores today.”

“Your name should be Yin Shi, right? A very well respected old man in the Snake-People race. Your current strength has already advanced to an eight star Dou Wang… What you said… Ah, maybe… If there is really such a day, I really hope to be able to exchange blows with her.” Hearing what the gray clothed old man vowed, Yun Zhi frowned slightly. She immediately shook her hand gently and said indifferently.

“The current Jia Ma Empire has three Dou Huang who are known. I have once met all of them. Thus… I can also recognize you. Hee hee, behind you is indeed an extremely large strength, but just wait. Our Snake-People race will definitely take revenge!” The gray clothed old man coldly laughed.

“A meaningless threat…”

Yun Zhi laughed softly and shook her head. She was naturally not one of those useless people who would be frightened by a simple threat. Immediately, she laughed and gradually lifted the longsword in her hand that was carrying a green light. A cold angle was lifted on her pretty face as she chuckled, “Since you have already said such vicious words, then don’t blame me for not showing any mercy… Today, I would like to see how many among the five of you can escape.”

“Hmm, you may be a Dou Huang but it won’t be so easy trying to handle us five Dou Wangs!” Hearing Yun Zhi’s words, a middle aged Snake-Person wearing a green robe shouted with a cruel and fierce expression.

“Then... come and try.”

Yun Zhi’s delicate hand gently wiped across the sharp sword blade. The clear sound of a sword ringing reverberated through the air. At the moment when the sword ring sounded, Yun Zhi’s body suddenly disappeared. The next time she appeared, she was already behind the Snake-Person in a green robe. At the tip of the sword, the pale green-colored sword energy was expended by over three feet. In a tricky and vicious manner, it pierced towards the latter vital spot.

The instant Yun Zhi’s body disappeared, the battle experienced green robed Snake-Person sensed something. He swung his snake tail as his body twisted strangely towards the left by half a foot. With this, he narrowly avoided that cold sword blade.

Although her first attack missed, there was no change to Yun Zhi’s expression. She released the sword hilt with her palm. Instantly, the strange longsword nestled on her palm and began rotating swiftly.

The sharp sword blade formed a cold glint and gently cut across the waist of the green robed Snake-Person. The hard snake scales covering his waist was like thin paper to the sword energy that was formed with intense Qi compression and put up no resistance to the attack.

“Chi…” The depressing sound of the sword blade slashing through flesh sounded in the air.

The green robed snake person held his hand tightly against his waist. Bright red blood seeped out from between his fingers and continued to drip down. The intense pain caused his face to be filled with perspiration.

From the moment of Yun Zhi’s sudden attack to the moment when the green robed Snake-Person retreated with an injury, only a short fraction of a second had passed. When everyone regained their composure, the green robed Snake-Person, who was one of the top among the Snake-People race, had already been injured and pulled back in a haggardly manner.

“Her speed is too fast. Do not take her on alone. Five Snake Death Poison Seal!” The gray clothed old man hurriedly called out with a dark face as he eyed the injured Snake-Person.

As he called out, the gray clothed old man’s hands began to swiftly form a series of seals that caused people’s eyes to be dazzled. As these seals were being formed, a large quiet green glow was quickly being agglomerated in his palm.

The instant after the gray clothed person began to form the seals, the remaining four also quickly began doing the seals. They had practiced such seals countless times and therefore, they were able to swiftly complete the troublesome seals when they heard the order.

The moment all five of them formed the seals, a circle of pale quiet light energy cover began to appeared out of nowhere, firmly encompassing them within it. Clearly, this was a measure undertaken to prevent the opponent from launching a sudden sneak attack to the seal casters.

An interested glint flashed across Yun Zhi’s pretty eyes as she eyed the increasingly dense energy within the hands of the five of them. She had heard of the strangeness of Dou Techniques of Snake-People race. This was especially so for some merging Dou Technique, which could combine many Qis into one and shoot it out at once, achieving the aim of contending with higher class strong people.

Seeing the merging Dou Technique that they were currently using, it appeared around that of a High Xuan level. A merging Dou Technique of this level could already be considered as an extremely high level among the Snake-People race. Thus, only the leaders of the eight large tribes had the ability and the qualification to use it.

“Five Snake Poison Breaking Seal! Form!”

Following a low cry by the gray clothed old man, the glow within the five Dou Wangs’ hands suddenly became extremely magnificent. An instant later, five quiet green energy pillars that were tens of feet tall suddenly shot out of the palms of the five of them.

After the quiet green energy pillars shot out from their palms, they began to twirl with each other. A moment later, an enormous energy pillar suddenly appeared in the sky.

When this energy pillar appeared in the sky, wild winds blew within the desert. A Qi that was filled with blood thirstiness and ruthlessness suddenly surfaced from within the energy pillar.

The enormous energy pillar abruptly began to writhe and transformed into a green energy serpent that was over a hundred feet long!

“Hiss!” The appearance of the green energy serpent resulted in the wild winds of the desert flourishing. One by one, tornados that could be seen by the naked eye began to swiftly rotate by the side of the green energy serpent’s body. The whizzing sound made by them echoed through the desert.

Surprise and seriousness appeared in Yun Zhi’s pretty eyes as she watched the enormous green energy serpent in the sky. She did not expect that these five Dou Wangs would actually be able to display such a strong force.

“No wonder the Snake-People race’s Dou Techniques ares quite famous in the Dou Qi Continent. This kind of strange merging Dou Technique really shocks people…” Yun Zi sighed gently. She held the sword hilt tightly and all the forces in her body suddenly changed until they were as sharp as a sword blade. Numerous huge green-colored violent winds began to swiftly agglomerate around her body.

As she stared intently at the enormous green serpent that was charging over, Yun Zhi’s toe gently tapped on the empty air while a powerful attack was readied in her hand. She was just about to charge forward when her expression suddenly changed and she hurriedly turned her head around.

In the horizon, a human figure that was entirely covered in a thick white flame flashed a couple of times and strangely appeared in front of Yun Zhi as though he had teleported. His hands flipped and a turbulent white-colored flame violently engulfed the skyline. After which, it was like a monstrous large wave when it swallowed up the enormous green serpent…

Suspended in midair, Yun Zhi stared blankly at this sudden scene. Her pretty face was both stunned and astonished at the same time...

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