Chapter 223: A Short Meeting (Teaser)

Chapter 223: A Short Meeting

After standing in the sandstorm for a long while, the black-robed person let out a soft sigh. She gradually turned around as her delicate hand slowly lifted her black-colored cloak. Immediately, that pretty and indifferent white face was exposed in the raging sandstorm.

As her beautiful eyes watched the young man who had a brilliant smile on his face, an involuntary gentle smile surfaced on Yun Zhi’s red moist lips. She did not take those words, with an extremely lethal effect, that Xiao Yan had shouted a moment ago, to heart. It was clear to her that the words were merely a joke that the other party had said in excitement. Yet, this joke caused a gentle part in her heart to slightly stir…

“Ugh, I was still recognized…” Yun Zhi’s delicate hand pulled aside the black hair on her forehead. She then shook the strange looking longsword and a helplessness appeared on her pretty face.

“Hehe.” Eyeing that familiar pretty face, Xiao Yan could not help but part his mouth and laugh. He carried the Green Lotus Seat in his palm, took two steps forward and said with a smile, “It has been half a year since we last met. How are you?”

“Ugh, quite good…” Yun Zhi pursed...

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