Chapter 222: Yun Zhi?

Chapter 222: Yun Zhi?

Within the desert, sharps explosive sounds rang throughout the sky. The moment the explosive sound occurred, a figure appeared, paused for a moment and the next time he appeared, he was a few hundred meters away.

The instant when this figure disappeared, another black figure closely followed. The shape that this black figure adopted while flying through the sky was like a floating willow leaf. As the figure swayed, there was a perfect combination of both speed and elegance which appeared extremely pleasing.

The speed of this black figure in the back could only be said to be better compared to the figure in front. Each time the figure shot forward like a whirlwind, a faint afterimage would remain in place. A moment later, it slowly disappeared under the hot sunlight. As the figure swept past, there was once a maximum of eight after images that appeared in the sky. From this it can be imagined how terrifying the speed of the black figure was.

As one person fled and the other gave chase, Xiao Yan’s body had once again turned into a small black spot that had appeared in the black-robed person’s sight.

The black-robed person lifted her head slightly and watched the black clothed figure ahead who was carrying the Green Lotus Seat and flying quickly. She frowned slightly and mumbled in a slightly suspicious manner from under the robes, “This person’s speed is really somewhat strange. During the flight, there hasn’t been any Dou Qi spilled out. This perfect control is very rarely...

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