Chapter 221: Fleeing for Thousands of Kilometers

Chapter 221: Fleeing for Thousands of Kilometers

“This is bad, that Dou Huang is catching up. Isn’t that person’s speed too terrifying?” Seeing that the Dou Huang had managed to quickly escape from the obstruction of the Snake-People and successfully chase after him, Xiao Yan felt the skin on his head turn numb. He hurriedly shouted in his heart, “Teacher!”

“I know, for the remaining journey, allow me to support your escape. The other side has too many people so we cannot be delayed by them. Otherwise, even if I can bring you to escape, that ‘Heavenly Flame’ will be stolen away by them!” At the moment, Yao Lao’s voice had an additional seriousness. A lineup formed by a Dou Huang and three Dou Wangs was something that even he could not look down upon right now.

“Ok. I’ll leave it to you. Regardless of what happens, we cannot lose the ‘Heavenly Flame’ again.” Xiao Yan nodded his head heavily and earnestly requested with a bitter smile.

“Ke ke, I know!”

After agreeing with a smile, Yao Lao gradually descended into silence. An incomparably ferocious Spiritual Strength violently surged out from Xiao Yan’s body. In the blink of an eye,...

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