Chapter 220: Fleeing With a Treasure

Chapter 220: Fleeing With a Treasure

As soon as Gu He and the rest flew up from the island and into the sky, three rays of light appeared in a flash obstructing their path of flight. Yu Mei and the other two tribe leaders arrived in front of the Gu He’s group with icy cold faces and behind them was an overwhelming number of snake-people that covered the skies and ground.

“You come and go as you like, what kind of place do you take my snake tribe for?” Yan Ci had fiery red Dou Qi covering his body. He resembled a raging inferno as he glared at Gu He and the others with his voice like a sound of rumbling thunder reverberating through the city.


Seeing that his path was blocked, Gu He angrily lifted his head to look at the now distant black figure and uncontrollably let out a thundering shout. Pale blue flames rapidly formed a fireball with a wave of his hand as he tossed it towards Yan Ci and the other snake-people with a violent and explosive strength.

With the appearance of the pale blue flame, the surrounding temperature rose drastically. It looked like the flame from Gu He’s palm was not an ordinary Dou Qi flame. However, when this blue-colored flame was compared to a Heavenly Flame, the difference in power was massive. The power of his flame was more comparable to the power of Xiao Yan’s purple flame.

"Hmph, when it comes to alchemy, no one can compare to you Gu He. However, when it comes to fighting, you should stand aside and watch!" Although the power of Gu He’s blue flame was not ordinary, Yan Ci was unafraid.With a contemptuous sneer, he stuck out his palm and with the clench of his hand, fiery red Dou Qi suddenly condensed on his palm to form a flame hand about the size of three meters. With a push outward,Yan Ci’s flame hand easily enveloped the blue fireball and squeezed. With a slight muffled sound, the huge blue fireball turned into a small flames that gradually dissipated.

From the first trade, it was obvious that Yan Ci had the upper hand in strength. It looked like he was stronger then Gu He by at least a star.

Yu Mei coldly glared at Gu He and the others. Tilting her head, her beautiful eyes glanced at the distant black dot as her eyebrows furrowed. She didn’t know why but the distant figure gave her a sense of familiarity. She shook her head and after a quick thought, she decided on giving up the idea of getting her people to chase after and kill the figure. Her main enemies were still Gu He and the others. The snake people were at a disadvantageous position, how could they afford to send a Dou Wang to chase and kill that black dot. Without the flying speed of a Dou Wang, even if they sent a Dou Ling without Dou Qi Wings would not be able to catch up to the distant figure. Yu Mei had no choice but to give up her killing intent towards the black dot.

“Kill them! This group of short tailed snakes!” Seeing that Gu He was beaten, Yan Shi who was standing to the side started releasing fierce Dou Qi from his body after he coldly shouted.

"I'll stop them, you go for the man! If we’re too late, the Heavenly Fire will end up in the wrong hands!" The person in black moved slightly and flashed in front of Gu He and the other two while shouting in a low voice.

Gu He hesitated when he first heard what the figure said but nodded his head firmly afterward. Regarding her strength, he had no doubts that she would not receive much damage when facing three Dou Wangs, so he didn’t waste anytime speaking nonsense. With a wave of his hand, Gu He and Yan Shi stormed in the other direction.

"Come back here!" Seeing that Gu He and the others retreated. Yan Ci and the other two Snake-people thundered loudly as their bodies quickly flashed toward Gu He’s group. The person in black’s cloak was like a ghost, appearing in front of the snake-people. The sleeves of her cloak waved around gently to form a surge of strong winds in the sky. Among the strong winds, large overwhelming cyan wind blades shot out, quickly pushing the trio of snake-people back to their original starting points.

"Your opponent is me." Freely standing in the air above, the person in black boredly said. With no one at the fighting level of Queen Medusa, the person in black became the strongest person in the area. Single-handedly stop an army of ten thousand, for someone of her level, was no exaggeration.

"Kill him!"

Coldly glaring at the person in black in front of him, even the quick tempered Yan Ci knew that the opponent in front of him was far more capable than the previous Gu He. With one harsh shout, three ferocious and imposing auras rose up in the sky and intertwined. Carrying savage strength, they fiercely attacked the person in black.

Taking advantage of Yan Ci and the other two being obstructed by the person in black, Gu He and the two other figures wildly shot out, breaking through the defenses of the large amount of snake-people and left the city. With angry faces, they madly chased in the direction that the black shadow went.

Above the city, the person in black watched the attacks of the three Dou Wangs. The black person dodged relaxedly and would occasionally shoot out a sharp shock which would cause one of the Dou Wangs to fall back in pain. There were countless poison spears thrown from the snake-people below, however, whenever the spears get close to the person, a breeze picked up and sent them flying in a random direction. Creating more trouble for the Yu Me and other two Dou Wangs.

Although the person in black could easily face the three Dou Wangs, to kill them off easily would be quite problematic. These three had quite the tactical understanding of each other. Whenever the person in black would send out a strong attack, the three of them would work together to stop it. Although their blocks were somewhat weak , it minimized the amount of damage taken and thus caused the battle in the sky with the Dou Huang to gradually fall into a deadlock.

While still calm, the person in black coped with the fierce and desperate attacks of Yu Mei and the other two. After a long while, the person in black slightly shook her head, her eyes glanced in the direction that Gu He and the others previously chased after and found that they were barely visible on the edge of the horizon. Sighing in relief, the sleeves of the Dou Huang fiercely waved and the pressure released by her became much more aggressive. Her toes lightly stepped on air and she shot up ten meters as her hands quickly formed seals. With a cold low sound she shouted, "Wind Back to Earth!”

Followed by the shout, green-colored wind suddenly started gathering in the air above the Dou Huang, forming green, thick, round layers of clouds that carried enormous pressure.

With a gentle wave of her hand, the green cloud above the raging winds started to compress rapidly, creating dark green wind blades. Finally, the wind blades that covered the sky started to shoot down like the drizzle of rain.

Feeling the ferocious oppression and underlying strength in the sky above, Yue Mei and the two others wore serious expressions with their backs to each other. Their three different kinds of Dou Qis rose up to the sky, as if the three were the pillars in holding up the skies and the slowly descending wind cloud stopped moving in midair.

Gazing at the three people being pinned down by the green cloud, the person in black tilted her head, looking to the northeast of the desert and softly murmured, “It seems like two more people have come again…… looks like I have to retreat.”

A delicate hand as pale and white as jade withdrew into the black robes. The person in black didn’t stay any longer and gently flapped the green-colored Dou Qi wings on her back, turning into a black light and appearing outside the city after a brief moment. She then quickly disappeared in the direction Gu He and the others headed towards previously.

Shortly after the disappearance of the person in black, two rays of light appeared from the northeast and southwest portions of the desert. After a moment, they appeared over the city and looked down with ugly expressions at the city in panic. Their hands waved rapidly as their Dou Qi bitterly hit the huge green wind cloud. Under their collaboration, it dissolved.

"Chase!" After breaking the wind layer, Yu Mei and the other two took off into the sky again and did not even have time to greet the two men that just came. With a shout, the three of them started madly chasing in the direction that the person in black retreated to. The two people who had just arrived paused for a moment before joining in the chase.

Five rays of light, carrying sky-shaking pressure, crossed the sky almost instantly. They quickly disappeared into the horizon.


The vast desert with raging sandstorms and full of the color gold, extended as far as the eye could see.

Above the blue skies, a figure suddenly crazily flew past. A huge wind pressure pressed down on the sand below, leaving shallow sand marks on the ground. After a short moment of time, the sand marks were carried away by a storm, perfectly covering the tracks.

Not long after the figure flew over, three rays of light immediately arrived. The sand that had settled down not long ago, suddenly had three larger sand marks appear.

After the three rays of light flew away, a shadow with an even more terrifying speed appeared and after the disappearance of that shadow, five rays of light flashed by ...... After being ruined repeatedly, the wind above the sand seemed like it was letting out muffled sobs.

Xiao Yan madly flapped his Purple Cloud Wings with the green lotus in one hand. Borrowing the speed from the storm, his speed was even more terrifying than the most efficient flying beast native to the desert area. If not for the directions of Lao Yao, Xiao Yan would have been lost in this desert that did not have the slightest landmark.

Xiao Yan’s tongue twirled as two ‘Energy Recovery Pills’ were swallowed down into his stomach. The ‘Energy Recovery Pills’ that were in his mouth was more than halved in this short period of time. Through this alone, one could imagine the frightening consumption of Dou Qi by flying recklessly with regard for safety.

Once again soaring a distance, Xiao Yan’s tight face changed. With a slight turn of his head, he could see that the three black figures near the edge of his sight were getting closer to him.

“Dammit, these scoundrels are just too persistent.” Looking at the figures of Gu He and his group draw closer, Xiao Yan’s mind started to panic, those three were all Dou Wangs. Truthfully, a single slap from them could beat Xiao Yan dead.

“Sir, Gu He of the Jia Ma empire asks you to return the Heavenly Flame to its original owner. Please relax, with the Heavenly Flame perfectly untouched, Gu He will not allow you to suffer any losses!” The shout was reinforced with Dou Qi and sounded like angry thunder as it resounding over the desert, unrelenting.

"I’ll be a fool if I hand it over to you ......" Xiao Yan secretly muttered a cry in his heart before shifting his eyes back and could not help but curse loudly. The Dou Wangs spoke peacefully but their speed increased more and more as the distance between the two sides started shrinking rapidly.

Without answering Gu He’s question, Xiao Yan was about to focus ahead when his pupils shrank when he saw that not far behind Gu He’s group, a shadow, with a very terrifying speed, was coming.

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