Chapter 220: Fleeing With a Treasure

Chapter 220: Fleeing With a Treasure

As soon as Gu He and the rest flew up from the island and into the sky, three rays of light appeared in a flash obstructing their path of flight. Yu Mei and the other two tribe leaders arrived in front of the Gu He’s group with icy cold faces and behind them was an overwhelming number of snake-people that covered the skies and ground.

“You come and go as you like, what kind of place do you take my snake tribe for?” Yan Ci had fiery red Dou Qi covering his body. He resembled a raging inferno as he glared at Gu He and the others with his voice like a sound of rumbling thunder reverberating through the city.


Seeing that his path was blocked, Gu He angrily lifted his head to look at the now distant black figure and uncontrollably let out a thundering shout. Pale blue flames rapidly formed a fireball with a wave of his hand as he tossed it towards Yan Ci and the other snake-people with a violent and explosive strength.

With the appearance of the pale blue flame, the surrounding temperature rose drastically. It looked like the flame from Gu He’s palm was not an ordinary Dou Qi flame. However,...

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