Chapter 219: Chaotic Situation

Chapter 219: Chaotic Situation

“What happened?”Gu He, who had retreated some distance back, uneasily returned to the side of the black-robed person after the frightening Qi disappeared.

“Something must have gone wrong during the evolution. That breath Qi completely disappeared.” The black-robed person shook her head and said softly.

“Did she fail?” Hearing the black-robed person's words, Gu He, stilled and with both regret and secret delight, sighed immediately. His gaze stared intently at the shrine where the green-colored fog was gradually disappearing. He suddenly frowned and said, “The presence of the ‘Heavenly Flame… why has it disappeared?”

“The energy ripple inside has already calmed down. As for the ‘Heavenly Flame’, has it been destroyed by Queen Medusa?” The black-robed person replied in a somewhat hesitant manner.

“That should not be possible. Although Queen Medusa is very strong, she is still an entire level too weak to destroy the ‘Heavenly Flame’.” Gu He shook his head. As an alchemist, he was naturally clear about the strength of a ‘Heavenly Flame’.

“Wait until the fog scatters before we conduct a thorough search.” Gu He knit his eyebrows together and helplessly said.

“Old He, how is it?” Two glowing lights flew in from outside the city...

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