Chapter 218: Reining In The Green Lotus Core Flame

Chapter 218: Reining In The Green Lotus Core Flame

Seeing the seven-colored small snake’s action, Xiao Yan’s mouth opened and smiled bitterly in his heart. “I bet that this snake is definitely not Queen Medusa, With her haughty character, she would not be like this… The current her, seems to be no different than a small snake that has just been born. The only difference is that its intelligence is much higher.”

“Don’t tell me that the evolution destroyed its old memories?” Yao Lao was also very confused with regards to this.

“Huh…” Xiao Yan stilled for a moment and narrowed his eyes. An unknown meaning flashed from within them as he smiled and said, “She seems to be interested with something in my ring.”

As he spoke, Xiao Yan’s finger gently tapped on his storage ring. A couple of things appeared on his palm. The small seven-colored snake moved closer. It swept its gaze across and swayed its snake tail while repeatedly shaking its head. Clearly, the thing it wanted was not among these items.

Xiao Yan stored the things back into the storage ring. He was not frustrated as he patiently took out more things, one by one, out of the storage ring. A moment later, when he once again took out a small jade bottle that was filled with a purple-colored liquid, the small...

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