Chapter 216: Successful Evolution?

Chapter 216: Successful Evolution?

Hearing the piercing shrill that Queen Medusa let out from within the ‘Heavenly Flame’, Xiao Yan’s body gave a violent cold shudder. His gaze passed through the cover of the bamboo leaves and looked at the cluster of green-colored flame in midair. Within it, the enormous purple snake was wildly thrashing its huge body about. With the places that were visible to Xiao Yan’s eyes, he could clearly see that the snake scales on the purple snake’s body began to quickly become distorted not long after they entered the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Finally, they were charred black by the ‘Heavenly Flame’ before fell weakly from the purple snake’s body.

After the snake scales fell from its body, bright red fresh blood began to gush out. However, the instant after the fresh blood appeared, it was incinerated into nothingness by the ‘Heavenly Flame’s frightening temperature. Finally, the body of the purple snake had new lines of frightening blood-colored scars.

“Zhi… zhi... “

Standing on the small island. Xiao Yan could even hear the squeaking sound that was emitted from the ‘Heavenly Flame’. Due to the fresh blood swiftly being lost, the enormous purple snake body was also shrinking at a rate that the naked eye could easily see.

For a haughty and strong queen to be made to let out these wild piercing shrills, it was difficult to imagine the kind of intense pain that the current Queen Medusa was enduring. Under the incineration of the ‘Heavenly Flame’, the pain she was feeling was not merely the pain on the surface of the body. Even her spirit would not be able to escape being incinerated. That kind of pain was something really terrifying.

Standing on top of a distant rock, Xiao Yan stared intently at the cluster of flame with a pale face. The piercing shrill of Queen Medusa which caused one’s heart to tremble gave him an enormous shock. He had to admit that this woman was stubbornly biased and mad.

The movement caused by Queen Medusa was really too big with the piercing shrill appearing to have sounded through over half the city. Instantly, countless of Snake-People rushed up to the roof and watched the region where the purple light was extremely rich with aghast expressions. There were some who wanted to rush over but were blocked outside by the fierce and tough purple light. They could only stand outside and anxiously watch the huge purple snake intensely withered within the green-colored flame from a far distance.

In the sky, a light figure swiftly headed toward this purple glow. A moment later, it stopped outside the purple light, revealing a serious faced Gu He.

“Has Queen Medusa started to evolve?” Gu He watched the distant green-colored flame shining brightly with great focus as he said softly. Without realizing it, his palms held each other as he laughed bitterly, “Have we no other choice but to sit here and wait for the result?”

“That… teacher, what do we do now?” Turning his head and seeing the surrounding people that had come over after being alerted, Xiao Yan frowned. He then watched the cluster of green-colored flame that seemed to have distorted the air before posing the question in his heart.

“Ugh… just wait. The ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ at the moment has already been provoked by Queen Medusa and has become even more wild and violent. Anything that approaches a certain distance from it will be incinerated into nothingness.” Yao Lao helplessly said.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan’s gaze swept under the green-colored flame. He found that the small pond that was originally filled with ‘Icy Spirit Cold Fountain’ had already become a black empty hole. At a rough glance, the empty hole was at least over ten meters deep. Moreover, the surrounding bamboo trees around the ‘Heavenly Flame’ were instantaneously turning into ashes. As the wind blew passed, the large bamboo forest was transformed into a flat plain.

“What a frightening destructive power…” Xiao Yan wiped the perspiration from his face. He felt that the surrounding air was becoming increasingly hot. Shaking his body slightly, he summoned the Purple Flame cloak to the surface of his body and took a couple of steps back. Only then did he feel a little better.

Within the green-colored flame, Queen Medusa’s piercing shrills continued for nearly half an hour before they gradually became weaker. At this moment, the purple snake’s enormous body seemed to have stopped thrashing about because its energy had been exhausted. Its body, which was originally covered by beautiful purple-colored scales, was now charred black and it shrunk to the size of twenty to thirty feet from over a hundred feet long. It was difficult to imagine just how much bone, flesh and blood had been incinerated within that flame.

Outside the purple-colored light curtain, an increasing number of Snake-People stood on the roofs blankly staring at the writhing Purple Snake. The deary screams of the Purple Snake sounded throughout the entire city, spreading a desolate atmosphere that covered the sacred city of the Snake-People.

Inside the green-colored flame, Queen Medusa body laid quiet and still, allowing the ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ to continue burning her body. A faint charred smell was slowly emitted.

“Did she fail… ?” Outside the purple-colored curtain, the black-robed person suddenly appeared by Gu He’s side. Eyeing Queen Medusa who had ceased moving within the ‘Heavenly Flame’, she let out an inexplicable sigh. She was quiet for a moment before she bent her body toward the place Queen Medusa was at. Although her character was haughty and indifferent, she felt that she ought to give the appropriate respect for this queen who had dared to let the ‘Heavenly Flame’ incinerate her body in order to evolve.

“Ugh…” Eyeing the green-colored flame, Gu He beside her also sighed gently. This Queen Medusa who had once been a headache to the strong within the Jia Ma Empire had fallen in such a manner. It was somewhat like a drama.

Following the disappearance of Queen Medusa’s loud screeches, the entire city gradually fell into a deathlike silence. A moment later, numerous pairs of hateful gazes shifted toward Gu He and the black-robed person in midair.

Ignoring those hateful gazes, the black-robed person stared indifferently at the cluster of green-colored flame in the distant. A moment later, the eyebrows under the black robe slightly knit together. Raising her head, she watched the sky which had suddenly become much darker. After being quiet for awhile, her cool voice was a little more serious, “There’s something wrong.”

“What is it?” Hearing this, Gu He’s expression tightened and he hurriedly asked.

“The natural energy here has suddenly surged.” The black-robed person looked into the sky and quietly said.

Seeing the situation, Gu He also hurriedly lifted his head and watched the sky. His expression instantly changed. The originally bright and clear sky had suddenly become much darker. A cluster of dark clouds of unknown origin had slowly covered the sky.

The sudden change had also caused everyone to be stunned as they stared at the situation in the sky. Their faces were filled with confusion.

“Bang!” A roar of thunder was suddenly emitted from the dark clouds. Silver flashes of lightning transversed jumpily throughout the sky, much like numerous long, silver-colored snakes.

“What is happening?” Feeling the wild energy contained within the dark clouds, Gu He swallowed his saliva and asked dryly.

The black-robed person stared intently at the dark clouds in the sky. In a grave voice, she said, “I have once read an ancient book. In it, it was recorded that when a legendary Magic Beast from ancient times was born or when their strength is promoted, they would cause some natural phenomenon due to the large amount of uncoordinated energy in their body. However, these legendary classes of Magic Beast are all extremely powerful existence. The top among them could even be compared to the human’s Dou Zong or Dou Sheng. In the current Dou Qi continent, such legendary classes of Magic Beast that exist are very rarely seen… Looking at the situation, the greatest possibility may be that this is caused by Queen Medusa.”

“You mean that… she has successfully evolved?” Gu He’s eyes shrunk as he as he asked with a startled voice.

“I’m not certain.” The black-robed person shook her head and quietly said

“Do we need to withdraw?” Gu He pressed his eyebrows together and asked with hesitation evident in his voice.

“Let’s wait first. Even if she managed to successfully evolve, she would have lost quite a bit of energy after being incinerated in the ‘Heavenly Flame’ for such a long time. In such a situation, finding a quiet place to recuperate would be the wisest choice for her.” The black-robed person shook her head and voiced her opinion.

“This… alright. Let’s wait and see.” Hearing the opinion, Gu He hesitated for a moment before nodding his head. He was about to raise it when a loud roar sounded from the clouds above his head. In an instant, the sky brightened as an enormous silver-colored thunderbolt shot down from the clouds, passed through the purple-colored light curtain and smashed into the cluster of green-colored flame.

The thunderbolt appeared and disappeared quickly. Before the roar of the thunderbolt disappeared from the ears of everyone, the dark clouds in the sky began to quickly disappear. An instant later, the hot sunlight once again covered the entire city.

The aftershock of the roar gradually disappeared from everyone’s ears. Countless people hurriedly threw their gazes toward the purple-colored light curtain. However, after the thunderbolt struck, a faint green-colored fog began to permeate from the small island, effectively blocking everyone’s sight.

“The green-colored fog is something that was released when the thunderbolt from before struck against the ‘Heavenly Flame’. It can erode one’s Spiritual Strength. Whatever is happening inside has been completely isolated.” After sweeping his Spiritual Perception inside the light curtain, Gu He shook his head and said with a frown,

“Wait for it to scatter.” The black-robed person said calmly.

Gu He nodded his head. However, the Dou Qi in his body gradually began to flow, preparing to retreat anytime.

When the thunderbolt from the sky struck, Xiao Yan chose to hide behind an enormous rock. Even though he did this, the enormous impact of the thunderbolt still shook the enormous rock into powder. If Yao Lao had not acted to protect him at a crucial moment, Xiao Yan might have been struck to death by this force on the spot.

“What a frightening thunderbolt…” Climbing up from the ground, Xiao Yan stared at the small island which was already empty. He could not resist inhaling a mouthful of cool air.

“What happened inside?” Xiao Yan patted off the dust on his body and watched the dense green-colored fog around him. He frowned slightly and slowly walked toward the center.

As he gradually walked toward the middle of the small island, the green-colored flame in midair once again appeared. However, the green-colored flame had already returned to its original palm size. It floated quietly in midair, repeatedly changing its shape.

Lowering his gaze from the ‘Heavenly Flame’, he found a totally charred black huge serpent lying on the ground quietly without the slightest sound. Its icy body was no different from a dead snake.

“Has she failed?” Eyeing the severely shrunken large snake whose exterior had been incinerated to the point of being somewhat terrifying, Xiao Yan inhaled gently. Had a Dou Huang of his generation simply disappeared in this manner?

“Ugh, we should go and get the ‘Heavenly Flame’.” Xiao Yan shook his head gently, made a detour around the corpse of the huge snake and arrived under the ‘Heavenly Flame’. He was just about to ask Yao Lao how to handle it when a soft ‘ka cha’ noise suddenly sounded behind him.

Hearing this sudden noise, Xiao Yan’s body suddenly trembled. He slowly turned his head around and faced the source of the sound. Immediately, his eyes shrunk to the size of a needle.

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