Chapter 215: Beginning The Evolution

Chapter 215: Beginning The Evolution

Within the fresh green bamboo forest, a jade-white, perfect, voluptuous, all around lovely body was releasing a temptation that could turn the mouths of others dry.

The beautiful appearance inadvertently let out a bewitchment that was much like an alluring demon. Her long white neck revealed a graceful angle and when one’s gaze shifted lower, a standing, bountiful chest that was perfectly round, tender and lovely appeared. Perhaps it was because of the high temperature but a drop of a crystal water droplet appeared around her neck and began to roll down. It artfully drew across her full, round chest and finally formed a somewhat obscene angle as it dripped down.

Her narrow waist seamed to be too small for a full embrace. However, a flexible feeling seeped out of its meager size. The flat and delicate lower abdomen did not have the slightest bit of excess flesh. With just a glance, it caused people to possess the impulse of extending their hands to roam around it.

Under the narrow waist, there was a purple color snake tail that was filled with wildness. The snake tail swayed slightly, undoubtedly exposing a peculiar loveliness.

Within the small bamboo forest,...

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