Chapter 215: Beginning The Evolution

Chapter 215: Beginning The Evolution

Within the fresh green bamboo forest, a jade-white, perfect, voluptuous, all around lovely body was releasing a temptation that could turn the mouths of others dry.

The beautiful appearance inadvertently let out a bewitchment that was much like an alluring demon. Her long white neck revealed a graceful angle and when one’s gaze shifted lower, a standing, bountiful chest that was perfectly round, tender and lovely appeared. Perhaps it was because of the high temperature but a drop of a crystal water droplet appeared around her neck and began to roll down. It artfully drew across her full, round chest and finally formed a somewhat obscene angle as it dripped down.

Her narrow waist seamed to be too small for a full embrace. However, a flexible feeling seeped out of its meager size. The flat and delicate lower abdomen did not have the slightest bit of excess flesh. With just a glance, it caused people to possess the impulse of extending their hands to roam around it.

Under the narrow waist, there was a purple color snake tail that was filled with wildness. The snake tail swayed slightly, undoubtedly exposing a peculiar loveliness.

Within the small bamboo forest, this lovely body which many men had salivated over was exposed in such a naked manner, allowing someone to feast over it.

Amidst the bushes, Xiao Yan stared at the naked, lovely body that many men would go crazy over. In an instant, when he was not careful, a nefarious flame suddenly soared from his lower abdomen, turning his face bright red. It was a long while later before he clenched his fist, circulated his Dou Qi and suppressed the nefarious flame within his body.

“This woman… isn’t she far too scary?” Xiao Yan once again raised his head. However, he only dared to stare at the soaring and burning ‘Heavenly Flame’ and did not have the courage to glance at the bewitching lovely body that was filled with temptation. He was afraid that if he were not careful, he might expose himself.

“Queen Medusa has an inborn bewitching ability. This kind of bewitching ability can be considered to be the most potent aphrodisiac for men. Of course, with her current strength, that bewitching ability has already reached the stage where she can fully control it. Uh, but when she is naked, that kind of bewitchment would also be released. Ah… be more careful boy. There’s a knife above lust.” Yao Lao spoke with deep meaning in his words.

TL: 色字头上一把刀 - (a knife above lust) meaning that lustful activities might lead to terrible consequences

“Uh…” Hearing Yao Lao’s sudden words, Xiao Yan could only smile dryly and nod his head in embarrassment.

“Teacher, when do we take action?” The surrounding temperature caused Xiao Yan to wipe off his perspiration as he asked in his heart.

“Wait a little longer. Although she has placed all her attention on the ‘Heavenly Flame’ now, if she discovers your presence, she would definitely first finish off a small shrimp like you. I may be able to help you flee but the ‘Heavenly Flame’...”

“Then we’ll wait a little longer.” Hearing this, Xiao Yan opened his mouth and closed his mouth before he became quiet once again. His gaze was entirely focused on the empty space a short distance away.

Allowing the purple-colored gown to slide to the ground, Queen Medusa slowly took a step forward. Her beautiful eyes were blurry as they stared at the cluster of green-colored flame. Biting her red lips, she muttered, “If I were to follow the normal step by step method to train, I don’t know when I will be able to touch the door toward a Dou Zong. This is the only path for me to quickly be promoted to the Dou Zong realm.”

Her delicate and narrow hands gently nestled onto her shoulders. She bent her waist slightly toward the ‘Heavenly Flame’ in midair. She then slowly raised her head and watched the intense ripples occurring at the city wall. A cold glint flashed in her beautiful eyes. Her delicate fingers pulled aside the black hair on her forehead and blandly said, “If I successfully evolve, all the humans here today will stay in the desert forever!”

After saying these icy words, Queen Medusa randomly pulled down the ribbon restricting her black hair. Instantly, her jet black, gentle hair showered downwards and gathered at her willow waist.

She gently swung her head and the hair swayed carelessly. This random action increased the enchanting loveliness of Queen Medusa.

Queen Medusa folded her hands together and closed her pretty eyes. Her hands repeatedly changed between strange seals. Following the change in the seals, the energy ripples in the bamboo forest suddenly became much more intense.

Hiding within the bushes, Xiao Yan recognized this change and was immediately shocked. His body arched slightly, preparing to handle different kinds of sudden situations that could occur anytime.

“What is she trying to do?” The ripples within the bamboo forest grew increasingly intense. Finally, it actually formed a huge energy vortex in the space above the sky. Seeing this change, Xiao Yan said with amazement in his heart.

“This… I am not too certain. The evolution of Queen Medusas is extremely mysterious. I have only heard about it; I’ve never seen it… but it seems that the path for the evolution is not very precise… Ah, in other words, even if she succeeds, what she would evolve to… no one will know. This thing, appears to be random…” Yao Lao bitterly laughed. “But there is something that I am certain of. It will definitely be related to snakes.”

“...” Hearing Yao Lao’s somewhat messy explanation, the speechless Xiao Yan shook his head. After giving up his intention of inquiring in detail, he focused intently on Queen Medusa who was covered by a rich glow.

The glow continued to expand and contract. A moment later, a roar that was somewhat like a lion’s and somewhat like a tiger’s was loudly emitted from the glow. Not long after this roar was emitted, the eye-piercing glow suddenly swelled.

Under this eye-piercing strong beam of light, Xiao Yan closed his eyes in instinct. A moment later, he once again opened them only to have his face filled with shock as he realized that there was a huge purple-colored snake over a hundred feet long suspended in the air above the small island.

The huge purple-colored snake’s body was long and strong. It also had a faintly elegant and aesthetic feeling. The pale purple-colored pupils were different from the vicious ones of the huge serpent Xiao Yan had met in the lake. Instead, it gave a feeling of serenity and of indifference.

The huge purple-colored snake slowly turned its body around in midair. Its enormous head turned slightly toward the chaotic city wall. At this moment, a cold glint flashed across its pale purple eyes.

At the side of the city wall, the black-robed person was suspended in midair. She indifferently glanced at the Hua She Er opposite her, who was in a terrible state. An instant later, it appeared as if she sensed something and suddenly turned her head around. Her gaze stared intently at the other corner of the city where the sky was filled with a purple light. The eyes under the black robe narrowed as she muttered softly, “Is the evolution going to begin?”

“You damn humans. Once Her Majesty succeeds in evolving, none of you will be able to escape!” Hua She Er coldly said as she rubbed away the trace of blood at the corner of her mouth.

“If the evolution were to fail, we won’t need to do anything. She would naturally disappear from this world.” The threat from Hua She Er did not cause the black-robed person to feel any anger. It appeared that she was naturally born with such an indifferent character. There was seldom anything that could lead her to display any panic. This kind of person was like the white clouds in the sky. Although she appeared to be lazy and indifferent, she had the calmness and farsightedness that could oversee everything.

“And you know very well that this kind of evolution has no rules or methods. Even if she finally succeeds… no one knows just what kind of appearance she will evolve into.” The black-robed person said softly.

“Her Majesty will definitely succeed!” Hua She Er’s expression changed as she angrily cried with a tough exterior, but hidden behind that wall was a worried heart. Her feet stepped on the city wall and her Dou Qi flowed wildly as she charged over to the black-robed person.

“Actually… I am also interested to see the final results of Queen Medusa’s evolution.” The black-robed person indifferently eyed Hua She Er who was angrily charging over. She smiled gently, shook her head and waved her hands. Over ten enormous green-colored wind blades that were over a hundred feet long targeted the floating Hua She Er and cut at her.

“This is Queen Medusa’s original body?” Xiao Yan could not help but let out an involuntary cry as he gazed at the enormous purple snake in the sky with amazement.

“The Snake-People race and humans are different. Not long after they are born, a secret technique is used to input the spirit of a snake-shaped Magic Beast into their body. As they grow older and their strength grows, this kind of spirit from a snake-shaped Magic Beast will gradually merge with them and eventually become one entity. After merging with a snake-shape spirit… when meeting a strong enemy, they will be able to summon forth an original form like this. When that happens, their strength rises tremendously. This is also the final card of the Snake-People.” Yao Lao explained in Xiao Yan’s heart.

“Oh…” Xiao Yan nodded his head before raising it. His hand fondled his chin and muttered, “She… what does she intend to do? She won’t swallow the ‘Heavenly Flame’, would she? If it is swallowed by her… what will I do?”

“This... “ Hearing Xiao Yan’s question, Yao Lao was a little sluggish. Immediately, he said helplessly, “I’m also not too sure. Actually… I don’t think that she can successfully evolve. The destructive power of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ is not something that can be joked with. Although she is a Dou Huang, it would still be very difficult for her to resist the power of the ‘Heavenly Flame’.”

Xiao Yan let out a gentle sigh. He smiled bitterly and said, “Let’s just wait and see. If we were to rush out now, we might be incinerated by the wild ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ into nothingness.”

“Ok, be more careful. If any problem occurs, prepare to flee at any moment. Both the ‘Heavenly Flame’ and Queen Medusa are extremely dangerous beings…” Yao Lao reminded.

Xiao Yan nodded with a bitter smile and he increased his alertness significantly as told. His gaze stared intently at the huge purple snake in the sky without blinking.

The enormous body lingered in midair. A rich purple-colored glow surged from its purple body and finally encompassed the entire shrine within it.

“She is setting up an energy enchantment. I think she is afraid of being disturbed by Gu He and others. Looks like this kind of evolution must have a quiet environment. She’s rather unlucky to coincidentally meet this group of people today.” Yao Lao said with a laugh.

“Yes. But without them helping to stir up trouble, we would not have had the opportunity to enter…” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His gaze remained focused on what was occurring in midair. An instant later, his expression suddenly stiffened as he said seriously, “She’s about to begin!”

As Xiao Yan’s words fell, the enormous purple snake circled a few times in the sky before it suddenly let out a clear soft cry. After which, it charged toward the cluster of soaring green-colored flame without any hesitation.

“This crazy woman… she actually dares to face the ‘Heavenly Flame’ head on!” Seeing the purple snake’s action, Xiao Yan inhaled a cool breath and his body hurriedly pulled back.

Under Xiao Yan’s focused gaze, the enormous purple snake instantly soared down and without any hesitation, charged into the green-colored flame.

The moment the purple snake entered the ‘Heavenly Flame’, Queen Medusa unleashed loud shrills that would have numbed the skin of people’s heads.

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