Chapter 213: Rushing For Time

Chapter 213: Rushing For Time

The moment the black-robed person destroyed the energy body of Queen Medusa, fury rose up onto the faces of Yue Mei and Mo Basi at the same time. The latter suddenly turned his head around and roared toward the countless guards on the city wall below, “Kill these humans!”

Hearing Mo Basi’s order, a deafening acknowledgement sounded angrily from the city wall. Countless Snake-People tightly gripped the poison spears in their hands, hurriedly taking two steps backwards and abruptly charged forward. The poison spears were released from their hands and instantly, a black pressuring rain of poison spears shot toward the black-robed person nearby and Gu He’s group. The sharp whistling sound caused the people’s ears to ring.

The black-robed person did not move her body as she watched the gigantic poison spear rain in the sky with an indifferent manner. She waved her sleeves gently. Immediately, an enormous green-colored tornado suddenly appeared in front of her. The green tornado rotated at high speed and the yellow sand on the ground was pulled to the point where it surged into the air.

Eyeing the tornado that was growing in size, the black-robed person randomly swung her hand much like one would chase a mosquito away. Instantly, the green-colored tornado was suddenly released. The poison spear rain that was coming from all directions was destroyed to pieces by the wild suction force from the tornado. The occasional poison spear which passed through the tornado had difficulty posing any threat to Gu He’s group behind the tornado.

The pair of eyes under the black robe stared at the unceasing waves of poison spear rain that were shot over, allowing the tornado to block them. Turning her body around, she faced Gu He’s group and said faintly, “Charge in. Queen Medusa is likely at a crucial moment. At this time, she is extremely weak. If you want to obtain the ‘Heavenly Flame’, this is your only chance.”

Hearing this, Gu He knit his eyebrows together. After musing for a while, he nodded with a serious face. He was not an indecisive person. When it was time to make a decision, he would not let an opportunity pass because of some stupid question of morality and justice.

“Old Shi, Feng Li, attack. The both of you help block Mo Basi and Yue Mei. I will enter the city to search for the ‘Heavenly Flame’!” Gu He’s hand suddenly waved as he said in a grave voice.

“Hee hee, since you put it this way, let’s do something big. Anyway, you are the wealthy person. The more serious the injury, the greater the reward!” Yan Shi opened his mouth and laughed loudly.

Hearing this, Gu He felt unable to laugh or cry as he shook his head. His body trembled slightly and an enormous pair of Dou Qi wings appeared. His feet stepped on the air and his body lead the way quickly toward the interior of the city.

“Stop him!” Seeing Gu He’s action, Yue Mei and Mo Basi quickly rushed over from the top of the city wall. Their faces was filled with a dark and cold expression as they blocked him.

“Haha, your opponents are us!” A ferocious explosive force viciously smashed toward Yue Mei and Mo Basi.

Yue Mei and Mo Basi swiftly avoided the attack from the force. Yan Shi and Feng Li then swiftly appeared in front of Yue Mei and Bo Ba Si, they smiled as they blocked them.

“Medusa Guards, stop him!” Seeing that Gu He was directly charging into the city, Yue Mei’s face became cold. She turned her head around and with a chill in her voice she shouted orders to the guards on the city wall.

“Yes!” Orderly icy voices responded with a cry. Immediately, over ten glowing figures used the height of the city wall to quickly fall into place to block Gu He in a lightning like manner.

“Kill him!” The ten plus snake-people who were dressed in a strange manner stared intently at Gu He with dark and icy gazes that were like a poisonous snake. Following their cold cry, the ten plus people quickly moved their bodies in unison. The ferocious force that they emitted flew into midair and began to merge. Following the strange merger of the forces, the energy that it contained multiplied.

Gu He eyed the ten plus Snake-People’s attack indifferently. With just a rough glance, he was able to clearly distinguish their strengths. Two Dou Lings and over ten Da Dou Shis. The level difference was too high and could not be ignored despite their strange ability that let them combine their attacking strength.

Opening one palm while closing the other, Gu He summoned a pale blue flame that instantly covered his body. The pair of wings on his back flapped and his hands formed a seal in a lightning like manner. He softly cried, “Monstrous Blue Flame!”

As his cry fell, the pale blue-colored flame suddenly appeared in front of Gu He’s body. In the time he waved his hand, it shot violently toward the ten plus Snake-People from all directions. The combined force from the ten plus Snake-People was turned into nothingness under the pale-blue Flame.

Gu He pair of wings flapped and he passed through the defence of the ten plus Snake-People at a terrifying pace. He extended his hands and stealthily shot out a hidden force. Instantly, over ten Snake-People vomited blood and retreated.

Gu He used the fastest speed to defeat the people blocking the way. He was about to charge into the city when a ferocious force, that caused his expression to change slightly, suddenly shot violently from below him. He immediately flapped his wings and hurriedly pulled back, narrowly avoiding a snake spear that was shot at him.

“Medusa Snake Guards Commander, Hua She Er!” A lady with a graceful and lovely body flashed into the sky and coldly shouted.

“Dou Wang… hu. There are really quite a number of strong people from the Snake-People race.” Seeing the lady that had appeared in front of him, Gu He roughly sensed her strength and immediately sighed helplessly in his heart.

The lady in front of him did not appear to have any intention of chatting with Gu He. She held a sharp snake spear with one hand while swaying her snake tail in the air. After which, she carried an unparalleled ferocious force as she charged at Gu He, intending to kill.

However, just as Gu He prepared to move his body and fight, the black-robed person suddenly flashed in front of him. He said faintly, “Hand her to me. Go and find the ‘Heavenly Flame’. We don’t have much more time. Once Queen Medusa successfully evolves, I think at that point our only option will be to run as far as we can.”

“Yes.” Gu He hurriedly nodded as he eyed the black-robed person who appeared in front of him. After her warning, he entered into the city in a lightning like manner under Hua She Er’s furious gaze.

When the city wall was in a total mess, no one noticed a figure quietly sneaking in from outside the city wall. After getting rid of a few Snake-People whom he occasionally met along the way, he opened his stride and rushed into this enormous city. His back trembled slightly and the Purple Cloud Wings were extended. Xiao Yan flew quickly at a low altitude as he anxiously asked in his heart, “Teacher, how is it? Have you sensed the position of the ‘Heavenly Flame’?”

“Queen Medusa is really cunning. I don’t know what she did but she split the presence of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ into four portions. The locations of the four presences are placed at four corners of the city. If we were to search them one by one, we might waste a large amount of time.” Yao Lao said with a smile.

“Ugh, a cunning woman… what do we do now?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan knit his eyebrows together and bitterly smiled as he questioned.

“Hehe, relax. Although her method is very smart, regardless of how you put it, I have been interacting with a ‘Heavenly Flame’ for such a long time. I can still differentiate the tiny little difference between them.” Yao Lao’s snickering voice held a faint pride.

“Which way?” Xiao Yan’s heart heaved a sigh of relief as he hurriedly questioned.

“East!” Yao Lao quickly replied

“Haha, that Gu He is headed in the wrong direction.” Hearing Yao Las’s reply, Xiao Yan immediately parted his lips and laughed. He was clearly gloating over the others misfortune. This was because he had seen Gu He fly toward the north direction just now.

Xiao Yan’s feet swiftly stepped off a rooftop to avoid a few snake spears thrown toward him in an agile manner. He lowered his head to glance at the messy city below, flapped his Purple Cloud Wings and flew toward the eastern part of the city.

After carefully flying for over ten minutes, an enormous shrine gradually appeared in his sight.

“It is inside here. Be careful, the presence of the ‘Heavenly Flame’ is growing much richer!” When the shrine appeared, Yao Lao’s warning sounded in his heart.

“Okay.” Xiao Yan nodded his head slightly and gradually slowed his flying speed. After which he entered into a dark region, narrowing his eyes slightly as he viewed the tight defense outside the shrine.

“Don’t waste anymore time. Hurry up. If Queen Medusa really successfully evolves, I won’t be able to handle her. By then, you can only flee for your life!” Yao Lao said gravely

“Alright.” Xiao Yan quickly nodded and quietly moved toward the shrine. Borrowing Yao Lao’s help to hide his presence, he slipped into a corridor like smoke, then ran with all his might toward the direction that Yao Lao pointed to.

With Yao Lao’s extremely strong Spiritual Perception, Xiao Yan was able to narrowly avoid the patrols each and every time he met them. After this kind of alarming and dangerous running had persisted for around ten minutes, Xiao Yan’s sight suddenly became open and clear. A small transparent lake appeared in his eyes.

In the middle of the lake there was a small island. The surrounding water waves sparkled without any signs of a bridge to the island.

Standing by the side of the lake, Xiao Yan glanced at the transparent lake water where one could see the bottom. He licked his lips and the pair of wings on his back flapped. However, when he entered about one meter across the lake surface, a strange energy suddenly forced him to fall toward the lake water.

When his body was about to touch the lake water, Xiao Yan’s heart suddenly tightened. An uneasy feeling swiftly flashed in him. He took out a jade ruler from the storage ring by instinct and threw it down. Then the tip of his feet pressed lightly on top of it, borrowing this floating strength to follow the lake’s surface and rush back to the side of the lake.

Xiao Yan stood dangerously at the side of the lake, turned around and watched the jade ruler which had instantly corroded into nothingness. He could not help but swallow his saliva…

“Be careful. There is an energy prohibition in the space above the lake. Any flying object will be forcefully pushed into the lake. There is clearly a very potent poison in the lake. If you were to have the slightest contact with it... even a Dou Wang would have some trouble.” Yao Lao’s voice sounded in his heart.

“Dammit…” Xiao Yan cursed softly and impatiently tightened his fist. A long while later, he let out a deep breath and asked with a bitter smile, “What do we do now?”

“We have no choice but to use the stupidest method. Just like the last time you entered the magma lake, I will use the ‘Heavenly Flame’ to cover you. You will move as quickly as possible to hurry to the island. Otherwise, you might be corroded until you leave no remains.” Yao Lao mused before saying helplessly.

“Hurry up… time is precious!” Xiao Yan rubbed his hands excitedly and reminded.

Yao Lao softly acknowledged. A thick white-colored flame gradually appeared on Xiao Yan’s body and shrouded him. A moment later, it completely covered Xiao Yan’s body.

“Dammit, let’s go…” Standing by the side of the lake, Xiao Yan eyed the transparent lake water, clenched his teeth and closed his eyes. With a splashing sound, he jumped into it.

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