Chapter 213: Rushing For Time

Chapter 213: Rushing For Time

The moment the black-robed person destroyed the energy body of Queen Medusa, fury rose up onto the faces of Yue Mei and Mo Basi at the same time. The latter suddenly turned his head around and roared toward the countless guards on the city wall below, “Kill these humans!”

Hearing Mo Basi’s order, a deafening acknowledgement sounded angrily from the city wall. Countless Snake-People tightly gripped the poison spears in their hands, hurriedly taking two steps backwards and abruptly charged forward. The poison spears were released from their hands and instantly, a black pressuring rain of poison spears shot toward the black-robed person nearby and Gu He’s group. The sharp whistling sound caused the people’s ears to ring.

The black-robed person did not move her body as she watched the gigantic poison spear rain in the sky with an indifferent manner. She waved her sleeves gently. Immediately, an enormous green-colored tornado suddenly appeared in front of her. The green tornado rotated at high speed and the yellow sand on the ground was pulled to the point where it surged into the air.

Eyeing the tornado that was growing in size, the black-robed...

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