Chapter 212: Failed Negotiation

Chapter 212: Failed Negotiation

Hearing Queen Medusa’s words which implied rejection, many people were stunned. Although the strength of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was extremely great, it should not have much of an appeal to the Snake-People race. After all, this kind of wild and extremely destructive ‘Heavenly Flame’ was like water to fire for their icy blood.

Thus, when they heard Queen Medusa using a somewhat regretful tone to reject the offer, Gu He, as well as Yan Shi, Feng Li and the others beside him had completely stunned faces.

“Has this woman’s mind spoiled… what’s the point in keeping a ‘Heavenly Flame’ that does not have much benefit to her? Was it not better to exchange it for something that would be useful to her and create a win-win scenario?” Yao Shi helplessly shook his head and softly mumbled in puzzlement.

Beside him, Feng Lin also shook his head. His face was filled with incomprehension.

Compared to their shock, Yue Mei and Mo Basi on the city wall were much calmer. From the rejection of Queen Medusa, they had clearly understood what exactly she was planning to do…

“Ugh, as expected. Her Majesty really looks like she wants to do that. Otherwise. it would have been unlikely for...

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