Chapter 210: Queen Medusa

Chapter 210: Queen Medusa

In the spacious and luxurious large palace, a beautiful figure appeared a little tired as she gently leaned against the back of her chair. Occasionally, she would lazily sweep her gaze over an empty purple-colored crystal throne on a tall platform and could not resist shaking her head.

The woman lifted her delicate hand to rub her smooth forehead when a sudden joy appeared on her pretty face. She lifted her hand toward the exterior of the palace and saw an ink black-colored figure shoot into the place in a lightning like manner.

“You have finally rushed over…” Seeing the ink black figure enter the palace, the woman involuntarily sighed in relief.

“Yue Mei, what exactly happened? The order for Martial Law was sent three times. Are those humans very strong?” The figure which entered the large palace was obviously a male Snake-Person. The figure of the man was somewhat sturdy with flimsy clothes randomly placed onto his body. His arms were completely covered with strange looking black-colored tattoos. At the point where the tattoos reached his palm, they formed into two savage looking black-colored snake heads. The snake heads were slightly lifted,...

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