Chapter 207: The Mysterious Black-Robed Person

Chapter 207: The Mysterious Black-Robed Person

Xiao Yan watched the distant battle with an expression of shock on his face. The occasional remnant waves that were emitted from the battle caused Xiao Yan’s heart to tremble. According to his calculations, if he was not alert and was struck by these remanent waves that were emitted from the battle, he would instantly become seriously injured.

“Is this what a battle between Dou Wangs is like?” Xiao Yan could not help but swallow his saliva as he blankly watched huge cracks spread out from where the battle between the three was taking place.

“Bang!”An intense energy explosion suddenly sounded as the yellow sand splashed and filled the sky. A moment later, the yellow sand gradually sprinkled down. Three shadows also shot backwards from the battleground.

Three pairs of eyes looked at each other in midair. All of them contained a killing intent that they did not hide.

Sweeping his gaze over the battle that had suddenly calmed down, Xiao Yan realized that among the three, the Yue Mei who had gone a little pale was obviously at a disadvantage. Yan Shi and Feng Li, on the other hand, only had their clothes torn slightly because of their combined...

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