Chapter 206: The Fight Between The Strong

Chapter 206: The Fight Between The Strong

Watching the six people who leaped down from the Magic Beast, a trace of fear seeped into Yue Mei’s astonished expression. Her anxious gaze swept over the black-robed person and instantly ignored Xiao Yan. Her figure quickly retreated back tens of meters as she coldly watched the group. With cold laughter, she asked, “What wind has blown over this desert tonight? When have the rarely seen hermits, start to enjoy forming groups?”

“Haha, it is really unexpected that we would be able to meet a strong person of the Dou Wang level after just arriving in this vast desert. You should be one of the chiefs from the eight large tribes of the Snake-People, no?” Among the new people, the middle aged man stepped forward and laughed as he stared at Yue Mei in the distance.

Seated on the sand dune, the shock on Xiao Yan’s face gradually disappeared. He blinked and stealthily swept his gaze over the eight people. He realized that among these eight people, other than that black-robed person, who was so mysterious that one could not see his strength, the others appeared to faintly view the middle aged man as a leader.

“Who is he? He could actually get so many strong people to listen to him?” Sensing this situation, astonishment gradually surfaced in Xiao Yan’s heart. It should be known that people who could become a Dou Wang were all well known people. People like them may have different personalities but they all had a similar haughtiness of the strong within their bones. It should be extremely difficult for them to submit to someone of the same level.

Xiao Yan shifted his gaze from these few people, finally landed on the smiling middle aged man and roughly appraised him. Xiao Yan had to admit that this middle aged man had a demeanor that was difficult to describe. His distinct, angled face let others know that he must have been an uncommonly handsome man when he was young. He may be slightly older now but he had a mature demeanor honed from the years that added a calmness and a sense of experience.

This double threat would possess a lethal force toward some younger girls…

“This person does not seem to be so simple…” Xiao Yan mumbled in his heart. This was the first impression that this handsome middle aged man gave Xiao Yan. Naturally, what person who could become a Dou Wang was simple?

He shifted his gaze away from the middle aged man and once again stopped on the human figure covered tightly in a black robe. For some unknown reason, Xiao Yan had a faint feeling that ever since the mysterious person in the black robe appeared, the gaze under it seemed to focus on him in an indistinct manner.

“Who are you? Why have you come to the inner regions of my race’s land in the middle of the night? Don’t you know that humans are forbidden from coming here?” The enchanting smile on Yue Mei’s face had already completely disappeared. Replacing it was a thick serious expression. Clearly, the terrifying line-up that had suddenly appeared in front of her did not give her the leisure to joke around.

“Ke ke, there is something important for us to visit in the Tager Desert. Could you lead the way into the inner regions of the desert to see your tribe’s Queen?” The middle aged man smiled and said.

“You want to see Her Majesty?” Hearing this, a beautiful and dangerous angle was formed in Yue Mei’s pretty eyes. She said with a cold smile, “Our Snake-People have been enemies with you humans for many years. Each of our hands are stained with the blood of the other side. What is there to discuss? If the few of you know what is good for you, I urge you to quickly leave. Otherwise, once our eight tribe leaders gather, the number of strong people in the Jia Ma Empire will shrink drastically.”

“Old He, I told you that you can forget about adopting a diplomatic stance with the Snake-People. They don’t buy this…” An agile and fierce looking large man in midair lowered his head and shouted to the middle aged man.

The voice of the large man was like thunder, reverberating through the air. It was a long while later before it gradually weakened and disappeared.

“I know this woman. She’s the leader of the Mei Snake Tribe, one of the eight large tribes of the Snake-People. Hee hee. Back then, when Jia Ma Empire started a war with the Snake-People Tribes, that old man Lei Na fought with her and eventually suffered some losses.” The large man’s eyes gazed at Yue Mei’s enchanting body as he said with a smile.

“Lei Na? You mean that old man who trained with a Lightning type Qi Method during the war back then? I wonder, has the poison in his body been cured?” A cold smile appeared at the corner of Yue Mei’s mouth as she taunted.

“Thanks to you, the poison has been cured but one of his hands ended up being crippled.” The large man said bluntly. The eyes he used to glance at Yue Mei held a cold glint.

“Old He, let’s just take action and capture her. Don’t waste any more time. If we arrive late, the thing that you want may well be gone. Moreover, if she were to escape, the difficulty of our mission might end up increasing significantly.” The large man lowered his head and said to the middle aged man.

Hearing this, the middle aged man being addressed as Old He thought quietly for a while. He nodded his head slightly and helplessly said, “Since you don’t wish to cooperate, then don’t blame us for bullying you with our numbers. Old Shi, Feng Li, I will have to trouble you.” When he finished the last sentence, the middle aged man lifted his head and said to the large man and a somewhat skinny old man in midair.

“No problem. I have long wanted to see just how tenacious the strong people of the Snake-People are.” Hearing the middle aged man’s words, the large man immediately patted his chest and laughed without any hesitation.

The other skinny old man, on the other hand, hesitated a little. It was obvious that he was arrogant of his position and did not want the two of them to attack together. However, his hesitation only lasted for a brief moment before it was thrown aside. He was clearly aware that this Dou Wang would increase the difficulty of the mission that followed.

The bodies of the two men trembled and then turned into two black lines that appeared a short distance from Yue Mei. The sudden increase in the speed of their bodies caused the air to unleash an explosive sounds.

“Yan Shi.” Standing on a sand dune, the large man lifted his head and announced his name. This was a small etiquette among the strong people.

“Feng Li” The skinny old man said indifferently.

Hearing these two names, Xiao Yan’s and Yue Mei’s hearts pounded wildly.

“...Hu… these two people are actually the Lion King Yan Shi and Walking Wind Feng Li, renowned throughout the Jia Ma Empire as part of the Ten Strongest in the empire?” Staring at the figures of the large man and the skinny man with a stunned expression, Xiao Yan involuntarily inhaled a breath of cool air. Usually, it would be difficult to see these strong people who were far above him. However, on this night, he was actually able to see two of them at once…

“I wondered who had the courage to charge into the inner regions of my tribe. It’s actually two people of the Ten Strongest from the Jia Ma Empire…” The words were mocking as she softly and coldly laughed. Yue Mei’s pretty face was becoming increasingly grave. Although she had not fought with these two before, she had heard of their names. They were not useless individuals who possessed great fame. These two people naturally had their extraordinary points in order to become part of the Ten Strongest of the Jia Ma Empire.

With Yue Mei’s strength, she would not be too afraid of fighting with any one of them. However, if she had to fight the two of them alone, that would be a little more difficult. Moreover, other than these two, the black-robed person who had been silent was the one who Yue Mei was most afraid of. Dou Huang… that was an extremely strong person that only Her Majesty could match.

“Why have these people suddenly gathered here in the desert? Something terrible must have happened for something unusual like this to occur. Regardless of their motives, I must pass this information to Her Majesty. Otherwise, with their line-up, there is not one among our eight large tribes who could fight them alone.” This thought flashed quickly in Yue Mei’s heart. Without any hesitation or saying any nonsense, her hand swiftly formed a strange seal. At the same time, her snake tail gently patted the sand’s surface. Following a soft muffled sound, the calm sand dune suddenly exploded. An enormous sand wave formed in front of Yue Mei in the blink of an eye and smashed toward the others from all directions.

“Do it!” Seeing that Yue Mei was first to act, Yan Shi did not bother being polite. He shouted softly, lifted his head, opened his two hands and a faint silver substance like a lion’s roar sound wave was suddenly released from his wide open mouth.

The sound wave ruthlessly smashed into the violent sand wave; in a flash, the sand froze in midair, finally dropping without strength.

After Yan Shi overcame the sand wave, Feng Li beside him trembled and suddenly disappeared. A moment later, ferocious energy ripples were emitted from behind the sand wave.

After overcoming the sand wave attack from the other side, Yao Shi also adopted a rude and unreasonable role as he charged violently into the battle a short distance away. Instantly, enormous gullies that were over tens of meters long continued to appear as forces shot out.

While the sky was filled with dancing yellow sand, Yue Mei’s pretty face was filled with a cold expression. From the middle of her palm, two quiet green energy silks agglomerated into huge green serpents. The green serpents this time around were obviously not the small snakes that Xiao Yan had seen before. These two huge green serpents were covered with thick scales and their sharp white fangs flashed each time they opened their mouths. The most frightening thing was that these green colored serpents seemed to possess a lifeforce. Two faint fierce Qis were released from their bodies. As they strangely pranced and twisted, they managed to barely hold against Yan Shi and Feng Li.

“What a frightening thing… just these strange energy serpents that have been agglomerated have the strength of a Dou Ling.” Seeing that the two huge green energy serpents managed to block two Dou Wangs attacks by prancing and twisting, Xiao Yan could not help but twitch his mouth repeatedly.

“I have long heard that some of the strong people in the Snake-People race are able to remove the souls of a Magic Beast and train them into a unique ability. Upon succeeding in training this ability, one would be able to preserve the Magic Beasts original strength. These beasts would also be unafraid of death under the control of their owners. It is exceedingly troublesome fighting them. Seeing it for myself today, I must say that the rumors are really true.” Seeing the dancing yellow sand and the energy surging battlefield, the middle aged man sighed.

“Elder, looks like the two sirs won’t be able to immediately handle it. Do you need us to attack?” A man got closer to the middle aged man and respectfully said.

Hearing this, the middle aged man tilted his head and stared at that mysterious person who was entirely covered by a black robe.

Seemingly having sensed his gaze, the black-robed person shook his head. The pair of eyes under the black colored hood once again glanced at the young man on a sand dune not far away whose face was filled with shock at the intense battle. There was an unknown meaning behind his gaze.

Seeing the black-robed person’s action, the middle aged man nodded slightly. He mused for awhile and whispered, “Forget it, with Old Shi and Feng Li’s strength, she’s only barely managing to hold out. After a short while, victory will be determined.”

“Yes sir!” After giving a respectful reply, this Dou Ling male, who had once dominated the title of the strongest in a large city, swept his gaze with reverence across the black-robed person standing to the side. He then slowly stepped back.

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