Chapter 206: The Fight Between The Strong

Chapter 206: The Fight Between The Strong

Watching the six people who leaped down from the Magic Beast, a trace of fear seeped into Yue Mei’s astonished expression. Her anxious gaze swept over the black-robed person and instantly ignored Xiao Yan. Her figure quickly retreated back tens of meters as she coldly watched the group. With cold laughter, she asked, “What wind has blown over this desert tonight? When have the rarely seen hermits, start to enjoy forming groups?”

“Haha, it is really unexpected that we would be able to meet a strong person of the Dou Wang level after just arriving in this vast desert. You should be one of the chiefs from the eight large tribes of the Snake-People, no?” Among the new people, the middle aged man stepped forward and laughed as he stared at Yue Mei in the distance.

Seated on the sand dune, the shock on Xiao Yan’s face gradually disappeared. He blinked and stealthily swept his gaze over the eight people. He realized that among these eight people, other than that black-robed person, who was so mysterious that one could not see his strength, the others appeared to faintly view the middle aged man as a leader.

“Who is he? He could actually get so many strong people to...

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