Chapter 205: A Terrifying Line-up

Chapter 205: A Terrifying Line-up

The huge silver moon hung high in the sky. Faint moonlight shined down upon the entire desert as if covering it in a layer of silver yarn.

“Xiu…” In the quiet desert, the sound of breaking wind suddenly appeared in the distance. A moment later, a black figure abruptly surfaced from the northern horizon and ferociously slashed passed. The intense wind pressure formed from the high speed created a huge sand tunnel that was over a hundred meters long on the desert floor.

In the yellow sand-filled sky, the black figure gradually disappeared over the skyline. Before the scattered yellow sand had completely descended, however, another black figure once again swept over like a storm. With an even more ferocious flying speed, it directly caused the tunnel that was formed by the black figure from before to almost double its size.

“Dammit. Isn’t this woman too persistent? Does she need to spend so much effort on a small Dou Shi like me?” Xiao Yan was hurriedly flapping his wings when he heard the sound of breaking wind a short distance behind him. He tilted his head and glanced at the swiftly chasing Yue Mei. Although they were still some distance apart, he was still able to see ridicule on her enchanting pretty face, like a cat playing with a mouse. At that moment, he could not help but speak bitterly.

“Teacher!...” Xiao Yan hurriedly shouted in his heart as he lowered his head to glance at the black ring on his finger.

There was not even the slightest response despite Xiao Yan’s shout. Knowing what this meant, Xiao Yan’s head was immediately filled with black lines…

“Boss, that is a Dou Wang level person. Training should not be done in this manner.” Xiao Yan bitterly smiled as he muttered. He shook his head helplessly and swiftly placed an ‘Energy Recovery Pill’ into his mouth. His wings flapped and his speed once again increased.

Yue Mei maintained a distance that was neither too far not too close behind Xiao Yan. She watched his haggard fleeing body and smiled involuntarily. In a soft voice, she said with a smile, “Little boy, just follow elder sister back to the tribe to play. You humans like to use us Snake-Women as slaves, don’t you? Then I will also take you as my slave, alright?”

The laughing voice was carried by a thread of Dou Qi and accurately conveyed into Xiao Yan’s ear in front of her.

“Big sister, if you want to invite someone, go and find those who have stronger bodies. I have thin arms and legs and most likely won’t be able to satisfy you!” Although Yue Mei’s voice was gentle and delicate, Xiao Yan still managed to hear the icy killing intent in it. Immediately, he turned his head around and shouted rudely.

“You razor-tongued boy!” Hearing Xiao Yan’s shout, Yue Mei’s beautiful face became colder. She clenched her silver teeth and extended her delicate hand. Five serene green energies shot out. They intertwined with one another and finally agglomerated into five huge green energy snakes.

The green energy snakes started forward like lightning. In the blink of an eye, they arrived behind Xiao Yan, widened their fang filled huge mouths and bit at Xiao Yan’s back.

“Damn!” Xiao Yan’s heart was shocked as he tilted his head to see the five huge green snakes that had appeared behind him. His body hurriedly twisted strangely and narrowly avoided being bitten by the five green energy snakes.

“Get down!” With a cold pretty face, Yue Mei waved her delicate hand. Five huge green energy snakes violently smashed into the Purple Cloud Wings on Xiao Yan’s back.

“Hmph…” Receiving a sudden attack, Xiao Yan’s face became pale. He groaned and the Purple Cloud Wings on his back turned into tattoos that became imprinted onto his back. After which… his body swiftly descended.

“Wa ah ah…” The intense sound of the wind passed by Xiao Yan’s ears. His arm flailed around and a moment later, his body smashed into a sand dune with a muffled sound.

Floating in midair, Yue Mei’s delicate finger lazily combed her black hair that had clustered at her backside. Her eyes swept over the sand dune and slowly descended by stepping on the air. She laughed, “Little boy, the more vicious your scolding is, the greater my intention of taking you as a slave is.”

“Pei, pei…” Xiao Yan’s head popped up from within the sand dune and began spitting out the yellow sand in his mouth. He lifted his head to watch Yue Mei who had arrived over ten meters in front of him. His gaze swept across the water snake like waist that was filled with seductiveness before narrowing his eyes. His body was quiet for awhile before a muffled explosion sound was suddenly emitted from the sand dune. Following the sound, Xiao Yan’s body was like a cannonball that had been fired, explosively charging toward Yue Mei that was a short distance away.

With his body in midair, Xiao Yan flipped his hand and the huge Heavy Xuan Ruler appeared. Accompanied with a ferocious force, he violently smashed at Yue Mei’s head.

“Xie xie. You, little boy, is quite the vicious one but this is useless against big sister…” Suddenly smiling, Yue Mei gradually lifted her snow white palm. She waved lightly and a quiet green energy shot out from her palm into all directions. After which, they transformed into countless small energy snakes that easily eliminated the force of Xiao Yan’s Heavy Xuan Ruler.

Eyeing the Heavy Xuan Ruler covered by the energy snakes, Xiao Yan frowned. He did not hesitate in releasing the ruler’s hilt. He twisted and turned his body. In an instant, he appeared in front of Yue Mei’s body.

Stomping on the ground with his feet, Xiao Yan abruptly trickily approached Yue Mei’s body. He tightened his fist and energy on it surged, “Octane Blast!”

The fist, which contained a terrifying force, violently smashed angrily toward Yue Mei towering chest. It was clear that Xiao Yan did not intend to hold anything back.

“Quite a good strength…” Yue Mei lifted her eyebrow slightly at Xiao Yan's vicious attack. She evaluated it verbally and waited for the moment when the fist was about to make contact with her body before her pretty body suddenly swayed in a strange manner.

The fist that contained a frightening force narrowly went above Yue Mei’s towering chest and passed through. This close range attack by Xiao Yan was actually easily dodged by her.

“Ke ke. Little boy, regardless of how exquisite your moves are, it is of no use when faced with our gap in strength.” Yue Mei’s pretty body leaned forward and her enchanting pretty face was only only half an inch distance with Xiao Yan’s. Seeing that the young man was expressionless, Yue Mei smiled. Her body once again leaned forward and her seductive red lips actually gently pressed a sexy lipstick mark on Xiao Yan’s forehead.

“Plop…” Xiao Yan’s attack missed. The feeling of hitting air caused Xiao Yan’s expression to pale. A muffled groan sounded and he fell into the sand dune behind Yue Mei.

“This is the gap between the levels… it really is not something that can be made up with just anything.” The moment his body came into contact with the sandy surface, Xiao Yan palmed the ground. His vigorous body soared into the air and flipped, finally landing a few meters from Yue Mei. He lifted his head to watch the smiling Yue Mei and could not help but smile bitterly in his heart.

After landing on the ground, Xiao Yan rubbed the lipstick mark on his forehead. However, he suddenly felt that his head was a little giddy and hurriedly took out an antidote that Yao Lao personally refined. He quickly swallowed it and the giddy feeling became much better.

“Dammit, this woman even has poison in her mouth?” Xiao Yan used his sleeves to hurriedly wipe off the lipstick mark as he angrily said in his heart.

“Huh? Little boy actually has such an excellent antidote?” Seeing that Xiao Yan was able to withstand her poison, Yue Mei said in a surprised manner.

“Ugh, there’s not much time left. I will quickly end this. Little boy, if you do not wish to become Big Sister’s slave, then you can only become a skeleton in the yellow sand.” Lifting her head and revealing her increasingly bright silver eyes, Yue Mei also began to lose her patience. There was an iciness on her smiling face.

“Teacher… I really cannot beat her. If you don’t act, then I will die here.” Seeing that Yue Mei’s Qi was gradually becoming stronger, Xiao Yan helplessly sighed. He directly sat down on the sand dune and bitterly laughed in his heart.

“Kid, don’t be anxious. There will be people coming to rescue you. During this period of time, don’t call me. There is someone with a strong Spiritual Perception within that group of people. If you were to contact me, he might sense my existence.” Yao Lao’s voice quickly warned. After he said the words, he once again descended into silence.

“Huh…” The unexpected answer caused Xiao Yan to have a stunned face. He thought swiftly about Yao Lao’s words in his heart and a moment later the expression on his face was quickly withdrawn. His nonchalantly gaze swept across the desert. Other than sand… the place was empty, without anyone who could possibly save Xiao Yan….

“What are you planning…” Xiao Yan faced Yue Mei who was slowly walking over with a smile. Being unable to resist, he could only bitterly smile as he whispered.

“Alright, little boy, come with Big Sister…” Yue Mei floated to Xiao Yan’s front. She extended her delicate hand. The quiet green energy within it gradually flickered. However, just as she planned to capture Xiao Yan, her pretty face changed drastically. She suddenly raised her head and coldly watched the eastern sky of the desert.

The silence continued for a moment before two figures suddenly appeared in the eastern sky. Behind the two figures, a huge black dot appeared indistinctly.

“Ha ha. I told you that there’s the Qi of the Snake-People here. I wasn’t wrong! Moreover, that snake person looks like someone who has some background.” The human figure quickly grew larger. A crude loud laughter was carried by Dou Qi and sounded throughout the desert.

“Bang!” The two figures in the sky quickly came to a stop. The sharp sound of breaking wind was like thunder that sounded in midair.

Lifting his stunned head, Xiao Yan watched the two human figures that appeared above his head. His eyes suddenly narrowed. A moment later, his throat rolled as he swallowed his saliva.

“Two Dou Wangs?”

When these two people appeared, Yue Mei also became serious. Her gaze turned from Xiao Yan and coldly watched the two people in midair.

Not long after the two people appeared, a loud and clear roar also sounded. The dot in the distance also gradually became bigger. A moment later, a huge Magic Beast that was completely dark green gradually appeared in the sky above the desert.

“Haha, there really was someone…” The huge Magic Beast stopped in midair and clear laughter sounded from above it. Instantly, seven figures leaped from the back of the Magic Beast and gently landed on a sand dune not far away from where Xiao Yan was.

Xiao Yan swept his gaze over the seven figures that had descended and his eyes suddenly narrowed. He realized that among the seven people, there were five who were at the Dou Ling level. The middle aged leader was actually Dou Wang… the one that shocked Xiao Yan the most was the black robed person beside the middle aged person. Xiao Yan could roughly guess the strength of the others but this black robe person gave him the mysterious feeling like seeing a flower in the fog. Yun Zhi back then also gave him this feeling.

“Dou Huang? Shock appeared on Xiao Yan’s face as his heart was in great turmoil. Five Dou Lings, three Dou Wangs and an extremely strong person who appeared to be a Dou Huang…

What was the purpose of this kind of terrifying line-up?

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