Chapter 205: A Terrifying Line-up

Chapter 205: A Terrifying Line-up

The huge silver moon hung high in the sky. Faint moonlight shined down upon the entire desert as if covering it in a layer of silver yarn.

“Xiu…” In the quiet desert, the sound of breaking wind suddenly appeared in the distance. A moment later, a black figure abruptly surfaced from the northern horizon and ferociously slashed passed. The intense wind pressure formed from the high speed created a huge sand tunnel that was over a hundred meters long on the desert floor.

In the yellow sand-filled sky, the black figure gradually disappeared over the skyline. Before the scattered yellow sand had completely descended, however, another black figure once again swept over like a storm. With an even more ferocious flying speed, it directly caused the tunnel that was formed by the black figure from before to almost double its size.

“Dammit. Isn’t this woman too persistent? Does she need to spend so much effort on a small Dou Shi like me?” Xiao Yan was hurriedly flapping his wings when he heard the sound of breaking wind a short distance behind him. He tilted his head and glanced at the swiftly chasing Yue Mei. Although they were still...

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