Chapter 204: Snake-Woman Yue Mei

Chapter 204: Snake-Woman Yue Mei

Among the women that Xiao Yan knew, if one were to discuss about being enchanting and glamorous, only Ya Fei from Wu Tan City would be able to compare to this woman.

“Cluck…” Staring at this enchanting woman, Xiao Yan’s throat rolled a little. His palm gradually moved toward his thigh and gave it a hard pinch. The intense pain allowed him to recover some of his consciousness. Sweeping his gaze toward the lady’s side, he found a green colored snake tail under the transparent lake water. It swayed around, releasing a wild seductive feel.

“Snake-People…” Xiao Yan softly mumbled. His eyes narrowed and an instant later, shock covered his face. He realized that even with his Spiritual Perception, he was unable to discover what level this naked woman had reached.

“This is quite troublesome… this woman is at least at the Dou Ling or Dou Wang level.” Swallowing his saliva, Xiao Yan, who had roughly guessed the woman’s strength, was about to choose to withdraw when the naked woman in the lake suddenly shifted her bright eyes over to Xiao Yan’s position. He immediately said with shock in his heart, “How could she discover me with...

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