Chapter 203: The Inner Regions of The Desert

Chapter 203: The Inner Regions of The Desert

In the bright and sunny sky, the huge sun hung high above, much like a huge fireball that was unceasingly emitting flames. The hot sunlight scattered across the golden yellow desert, grilling the tiny sand particles into red-hot small metal pieces.

Due to the high temperature in the desert, threads of hot air rose from the yellow sand, heating the air till it was distorted and became illusory.

In the never ending desert, a black colored human figure suddenly appeared. From his travel worn expression, it was clear that he had stayed in the desert for quite some time.

The human figure took somewhat heavy steps as he gradually climbed a tall sand dune. He gazed afar in all directions before taking out a goatskin map from within a storage ring and carefully studying the precise routes on it.

“From the route on the map, we seem to be gradually approaching the inner regions of the Tager Desert…” Xiao Yan’s finger traced a route as it slowly moved across the map. He then licked his dry mouth and mumbled softly to himself.

“Ugh. This damn Tager Desert. Isn’t it...

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