Chapter 200: Green Lotus Core Flame

Chapter 200: Green Lotus Core Flame

“Green Lotus Core Flame?”

Hearing Yao Lao’s voice, Xiao Yan’s mind recalled some of the information about the ‘Heavenly Flames’ on the ‘Heavenly Flame’ ranking that Yao Lao had once told him.

“‘Green Lotus Core Flame’ is nineteenth on the ‘Heavenly Flame’ ranking. It is formed deep underground and has experienced the polishing, fusion, pressure, and carving from the planet’s flame… It forms a spirit in ten years, takes shape in a hundred years and turns into a lotus in a thousand years. When it is completely formed, its color would slant toward the greenish side and the lotus core would form a cluster of green flame, named as “Green Lotus Flame’ or ‘Green Lotus Core Flame’. The strength of this flame is unpredictable. When it is near volcanoes, it can cause volcanoes to erupt, forming a mayira; destructive strength.

This information swiftly flashed in Xiao Yan’s mind. A wild joy instantly covered his face. Shaking his body, Xiao Yan pulled away from the Flame Spirit Serpent as his eyes stared intently at the large rich green light a short distance away.

“Hiss…” Beside him, a sharp sound was emitted from the Flame Spirit Serpent. Xiao Yan turned around and found that within this huge beast's eyes, there was a faint fear as it stared at the cluster...

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