Chapter 199: Under the Crypt

Chapter 199: Under the Crypt

The instant before Xiao Yan was about to enter the fiery red magma lake, a thick white flame suddenly flowed out from his body and wrapped around him.

“Splash…” His body shot into the magma, causing the fiery red magma to splash in all directions.

Hearing this sound, Xiao Ding and Qing Lin above hurriedly shifted their gaze toward the spot on the magma where there were some ripples. However, they did not see any human figure…

“Where is he?” Watching the scene that suggested something had instantly vaporised, Xiao Ding involuntarily turned his head to Qing Lin by his side and shouted.

“Ah?” Qing Lin took a small step back. Her face was pale as she eyed the calm magma lake. The person who had just jumped into it seemed to have instantly turned into ashes the moment he came into contact with the magma, without even letting out a scream.

“Hiss…” A hissing sound from the Flame Spirit Serpent was suddenly emitted from the magma.

Hearing this hissing sound, a joyful expression surfaced on Qing Lin’s face. Her gaze hurriedly swept across the magma. A human figure covered with a thick white flame suddenly surfaced from the magma and smiled...

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