Chapter 197: Yao Lao Taking Action

Chapter 197: Yao Lao Taking Action

In the enormous magma crypt world, a deep red flame was permeating in midair. The air carried a poisonous vapor. This world was one where an ordinary human would die the moment he came into the slightest contact with it.

At the spot in midair where the dark red colored flame was hovering, a young man’s figure gradually appeared. As the human figure appeared, the surrounding permeating red colored flame also suddenly swarmed toward his body.

At that moment, the young man’s figure had turned into something like a black hole. The surrounding red colored flame wildly poured into his body, resulting in the formation of an enormous flame vortex in the air of the crypt. At the middle of the vortex was the young man’s figure.

Following this greedy consumption, the surrounding permeating red colored flame grew increasingly faint. In the end, the flames were completely consumed into Xiao Yan’s body.

When the final thread of flame gradually disappeared, the human figure in the middle was finally revealed…

Xiao Yan was standing indifferently in midair. There was a thin...

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