Chapter 195: Attacked

Chapter 195: Attacked

The mysterious living creature broke out from the magma and let out a sharp neigh. It shot explosively toward Xiao Yan in mid air, sending magma flying randomly around. The calm magma lake had suddenly become irritable. Numerous magma flame pillars shot up, giving off a very majestic scene.

In the sky, Xiao Yan’s wings swiftly flapped. The sudden surging magma lake had also caused the skin on his head to turn numb. He clenched his teeth tightly as he fled with all his might.

With the help of the Purple Cloud Wings, Xiao Yan’s speed was very fast. However, the mysterious creature’s speed did not lose to his. As the neighing sound disappeared, it took off at a speed faster than expected for its size. It gradually caught up with Xiao Yan, opened its huge mouth sinisterly and shot out three fork like bright red tongue like sharp arrows.

“Young Master. Be careful. It is behind you!” At the tunnel’s exit, Qing Lin screamed with a sharp voice as she stared at the huge living creature which was gradually catching up with Xiao Yan. Her face was filled with shock.

By her side, Xiao Ding’s face...

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