Chapter 195: Attacked

Chapter 195: Attacked

The mysterious living creature broke out from the magma and let out a sharp neigh. It shot explosively toward Xiao Yan in mid air, sending magma flying randomly around. The calm magma lake had suddenly become irritable. Numerous magma flame pillars shot up, giving off a very majestic scene.

In the sky, Xiao Yan’s wings swiftly flapped. The sudden surging magma lake had also caused the skin on his head to turn numb. He clenched his teeth tightly as he fled with all his might.

With the help of the Purple Cloud Wings, Xiao Yan’s speed was very fast. However, the mysterious creature’s speed did not lose to his. As the neighing sound disappeared, it took off at a speed faster than expected for its size. It gradually caught up with Xiao Yan, opened its huge mouth sinisterly and shot out three fork like bright red tongue like sharp arrows.

“Young Master. Be careful. It is behind you!” At the tunnel’s exit, Qing Lin screamed with a sharp voice as she stared at the huge living creature which was gradually catching up with Xiao Yan. Her face was filled with shock.

By her side, Xiao Ding’s face was covered with anxiety. He wanted to go and help but he was unable to go over. All he could do was was pace up and down anxiously in the tunnel.

Upon hearing Qing Lin’s sharp scream, the fast flying Xiao Yan felt the skin on his body tighten. At the same time, a hot force was shot from behind him.

Xiao Yan’s throat rolled a little. He did not even have the time to turn around. As he flapped his Purple Cloud Wings, his feet kicked heavily on a huge rock pillar beside him that was hanging from the ceiling and shouted, “Explosive Step!” Following his voice, Xiao Yan’s body folded into a bow shape. With a ‘Chi La’ sound, Xiao Yan’s clothes tightly stuck to his skin as his body tightened and instantly shot out like an arrow leaving a bow. His speed abruptly increased.

Borrowing the force from the ‘Explosive Step’, Xiao Yan avoided the lethal blow from the mysterious living creature behind him by luck. At the same time, he extended the distance between them by a little.

“Hiss!” Seeing that its prey, that was about to reach its mouth, had escaped, the mysterious living creature let out a furious hiss. Its huge tail violently swung outwards. Instantly, the tough rock pillars that had been struck by hot magma countless times before, exploded.

When the rock pillar exploded, countless rocks rained down. The mysterious living creature’s tail continued to violently swing around. Any rock fragment that came into contact with the tail became like a cannonball that had just been released, viciously and angrily shooting toward the fleeing Xiao Yan.

The waves of exploding noise that sounded from behind him caused Xiao Yan, who had just become a little relaxed, to become anxious again. His Spiritual Perception left his body and surrounded the area a few meters around him. His body then began to twist and turn in a strange manner.

“Chi. Chi…” Numerous rock fragments with sharp edges carried a sharp piercing sound as they continued to pass by Xiao Yan’s skin. Xiao Yan continued to narrowly dodge the repeated attacks from these rock fragments. However when they narrowly passed by his body, the sharp force with the rocks left numerous red colored marks on Xiao Yan’s body.

“Bang!” Some of the rock fragments that missed continued to shoot forward for some distance before they smashed against other hard magma hardened rocks. Instantly, the fragments exploded, leaving behind numerous cracked lines on the hard rocks, revealing just how frightening the force contained in them was. If Xiao Yan was struck by one because he was inattentive, he might lose his fighting ability on the spot and plunge into the magma, turning to ashes in moments.

Seeing the numerous crack lines on the magma enforced rocks, cold sweat involuntarily appeared on Xiao Yan’s forehead. If he had not trained his dodging ability on the wooden pillars Yao Lao had specially set in place within the Magic Beast Mountain Range, he might really have had to stay here forever…

“This thing actually knows how to use other objects to attack. Clearly its intellect isn’t low. Dammit…” A thought flashed quickly in his heart. Just as Xiao Yan felt that things were becoming troublesome, his feet stomped violently on another rock pillar. His speed once again increased drastically.

With the distance gained from his increased speed, Xiao Yan turned his head around with great difficulty. His gaze was focused intently on the mysterious creature not far behind him and could not help but take in a breath of cool air…

This mysterious living creature that had suddenly come out of the magma was a Magic Beast with a serpent like shape. Its body was extremely long. With a rough glance, it appeared to be at least forty to fifty feet long and it’s entire body was fiery red. Looking from a distance, it seemed like a round fire jade. Its entire body was covered with palm-sized, red colored scales. What shocked Xiao Yan most was that the beast had two heads… branching out from the long neck region. The two sinister heads had huge rhombus shaped eyes which were filled with wildness and a bloodthirsty killing intent.

“What a strange thing. Just what kind of Magic Beast is this?” A terrifying thought flashed in his heart. Xiao Yan noticed that the two headed snake suddenly slowed down. Their neck area appeared to be gradually swelling, it seemed like they intended to spit something out.

Seeing this strange scene, Xiao Yan felt uneasy in his heart. He immediately flapped his pair of wings and swiftly halted his forward motion and shot his body upwards.

Just as Xiao Yan’s body shot upwards, the two-headed snake behind him sinisterly opened their mouths. Two huge magma pillars that were formed from magma and flame were suddenly spat out like a volcanic eruption. Instantly two turbulent magma columns viciously shot toward Xiao Yan.

“Bang!” One of the flame column attacks savagely swept passed two meters under Xiao Yan. The high temperature that it contained burnt a section of Xiao Yan’s pants. The burning sensation that was emitted from his skin caused him to take in a breath of cool air.

One of the flame columns might have missed but the other passed through midair in a lightning like manner, leaving a crimson colored flame trail while carrying a destructive force as it was about to violently knocked into Xiao Yan.

At the tunnel exit a distance away, Xiao Ding and Qing Lin wore frightened expressions as they watched Xiao Yan who was about to be swallowed by the flame column.

The high temperature that suddenly appeared behind him immediately burnt the clothes on Xiao Yan’s back into ashes. His originally slightly black skin had turned totally red.

“Dammit…” The sudden hot temperature behind him grilled Xiao Yan’s mind till he was giddy. He flapped his pair of wings with all his might as the corner of his eyes drifted behind him. He was appalled to find that the huge magma pillar had completely surrounded the area a few meters around him. In the short amount of time, it was impossible to escape from the region that the flame column covered.

“Teacher, if you don’t do anything, I will really die!” The destructive attack near him caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to shrink into the size of a pin-hole. After failing to escape despite using all his strength, he could only roar hastily in his heart.

“Haha, have you finally reached your limit?” An old teasing laughter sounded from within Xiao Yan’s heart.

At the moment when the old laughter sounded, a strange energy suddenly poured into the Purple Cloud Wings on Xiao Yan’s back. Following a soft muffled sound, some purple colored lines faintly surfaced on the Purple Cloud Wings. The pair of wings flapped following a ‘Chi La’ sound and Xiao Yan’s body bypassed the resistance of the air. Like a small fish swimming in a lake, he shot out of the boundary covered by the flame column in a lightning like manner…

The huge magma flame column attack missed and shot heavily into the magma lake. Instantly, an explosion sounded and the entire place began to shake.

When the huge magma flame column entered the magma lake, it performed a sort of catalytic function. An uncountable number of huge magma pillars repeatedly shot out from the calm lake surface as many banging muffled noises sounded.

This extremely frightening scene was somewhat reminiscent of hell’s inferno.

Standing within the tunnel, Xiao Ding and Qing Lin watched the magma world which had suddenly turned extremely wild. In their shock, they involuntarily swallowed their saliva. In front of this enormous natural disaster, the strength of a human seemed to appear extremely small…

“No wonder the ‘Heavenly Flame’ is so rare and difficult to obtain. Obtaining the ‘Heavenly Flame’ from this place that can be called a place of absolute death is something that is as difficult as climbing to the heavens,” Xiao Ding muttered.

“Bang!” Just as the two people were staring with stunned expressions. A magma pillar suddenly shot into the sky from the magma lake and landed a short distance from the tunnel. The hot magma splashed and rained in all directions.

Seeing the spraying magma, Xiao Ding hurriedly pulled Qing Lin and hurriedly retreated for some distance before they managed to avoid the hot droplets of magma.

“How is Xiao-Yan-Zi? Where’s he?” Standing in the tunnel, Xiao Ding said in an extremely anxious voice the instant his sight was completely blocked by the exploding magma.

Beside him. Qing Lin’s small face was also pale. Her utterly helpless manner appeared extremely timid and anxious.

Just as the two of them were anxious to the point of being mad, a human figure suddenly shot out from the magma lake and swerved about recklessly into magma pillars.

Seeing the human figure directly knock a path through countless magma pillars, Xiao Ding felt a little shock in his heart as he rejoiced. His brother was actually able to ignore the high temperature of the magma? Was this not a little too terrifying?

After rushing through the last magma pillar, the human figure, whose body was entirely covered in purple colored Dou Qi, finally charged into the tunnel. His palm held the wall as he continued to pant out the coarse air. In a hoarse voice, he said, “Damnit. That thing is too frightening…”

At that moment, the clothes on Xiao Yan had already been burnt until they became stripes in dire condition. His skin was also entirely red. His black colored hair had also become a little brown.

TL: Hair protected by Qi is op

“Are you alright?” Seeing Xiao Yan repeatedly panting out coarse air, Xiao Ding sighed in relief before hurriedly asking.

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly as he nodded. Leaning his back onto the tunnel wall, he slowly sat down. His gaze focused onto the lake. Perhaps it was because it had lost its target but the two-headed snake merely swam slowly on the magma’s surface. Its four huge chestnut eyes continued to scan its surrounding. Due to the cover given by the magma filled air, its search was futile. All it could do was hiss angrily. Its huge tail swung around wildly, causing the magma lake to repeatedly seeth and surge.

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