Chapter 191: Settling the Trouble

Chapter 191: Settling the Trouble

“Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me in this manner?” Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Mo Xing first stilled. Soon after, he saw Xiao Yan’s young face and immediately became furious. Xiao Li and Xiao Ding were the Company Leaders of the Desert Metal Mercenary Company, so it was nothing strange for them to be rude when talking to him. However, this little boy who appeared to be only a youth actually dared to rudely scold him. How could this not cause Mo Xing to be infuriated from shame.

Just after Mo Xing’s reprimand left his mouth, Xiao Li’s expression suddenly became cold. An electric arc leapt from the tungsten steel spear that he held in his hand. He took a step forward and shot his long spear, which carried a sharp force, viciously toward Mo Xing’s throat.

Xiao Li’s sudden lethal attack caused Mo Xing’s expression to drastically change. He had not expected that the other side would be so bold. However, Xiao Li’s strength was above his own, so he could only hurriedly step back in an embarrassed manner. When he was stepping back, he suddenly sprained his ankle and fell on his butt in front of the large crowd.

“Xiao Li, you dare to attack me? Our mercenary company will not let you off!” Seeing the increasingly large silver colored tip of the spear in his eyes, a terror appeared on Mo Xing’s face as he sharply cried.

“Chi.” When the long spear was around half an inch from Mo Xing’s throat, it suddenly stopped. The sharp force it contained passed through the obstruction of the air and scratched a small bloody scar on Mo Xing’s throat. Instantly, fresh blood began flooding out.

“Who do you think you are? You dare speak to my brother in such a manner?” Watching Mo Xing who did not dare to move as he allowed the fresh blood on his throat to flow because the long spear was right next to him, Xiao Li laughed disdainfully.

Swallowing his saliva as some cold sweat formed on his forehead, Mo Xing carefully used his hands to drag himself a few steps back. He then entered his team in a harassed manner before saying in an evil voice, “Xiao Li, you have guts. I will return and report this to the Company Leader. Prepare for trouble to descend upon your Desert Metal Mercenary Company!”

Having finished saying that, Mo Xing became afraid that the ghost like s[ear would once again be shot toward him. He let out a loud cry, hurriedly turned around and fled with his people.

Seeing the Sand Mercenary Company running away like homeless strays, the surrounding audience could not resist jeering in an orderly manner.

“Trash…” Facing the direction where Mo Xing and his men were fleeing, Xiao Li skimmed his lips in disdain. He then turned around and waved to Xiao Yan, saying, “Now that we have chased that guy away in front of so many people, we have formed an enmity with the Sand Mercenary Company. Once that Mo Xing returns, he will exaggerate in his report to Luo Bu. I’m afraid that tomorrow, the Sand Mercenary Company will gather their members and head over to snatch this place.”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He lifted his head, swept his gaze around him and said softly, “Big Brother, Second Brother, the both of you only need to guard this plot of land. As for the Sand Mercenary Company, I will take care of it.”

“You… can you really do it? If you really cannot…” Xiao Ding frowned and said in a worried voice.

“Ke ke, it’s just a Da Dou Shi…” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. He waved at the two men, pulled a camel from beside him and leaped on to it. While still smiling, he said, “Trust me. I will ensure that the Sand Mercenary Company will hide in Rock Desert City like a tortoise for this period of time.”

Having said that, Xiao Yan kicked his leg lightly. The camel kicked off a tread of yellow dust as it swiftly galloped toward the Rock Desert City.

Watching Xiao Yan gradually go further into the distance, Xiao Ding and Xiao Li exchanged glances and involuntarily shook their heads while laughing bitterly. A long while later, they helplessly said, “Forget it. Just hope that this little boy really does possess a hidden card that we don’t know about. If that really doesn’t work, Sha Luo would not dare to be too arrogant given the strength of our Desert Metal Mercenary Company. After all, if we were to really fight to the death, their Sand Mercenary Company would also lose over half their strength. That loss is something they cannot withstand.”

On one side, Xiao Li waved his head and said with a laugh, “I am really curious if Xiao-Yan-Zi is able to cause Sha Luo to obediently stay in Rock Desert City.”

“Let’s wait and see. I believe him.” With a light smile, Xiao Ding whispered.

The moon in the desert hung high up in the sky like a huge silver plate. Its faint moonlight shone down, enveloping the dark night of Rock Desert City within it.

Within the western region of the Rock Desert City, was a huge courtyard that was brightly lit. From within it, there was much laughter and noises being emitted. Above the courtyard, a flag with the words ‘Sand Mercenary Company’ was hung on top of a wooden pole.

In the dark night, a gentle wind blew passed, blowing the flag till it was twisted toward the west. In a room at the center of the courtyard, a faint light completely expelled the darkness. There were two people inside the room. One of them was unsurprisingly the one who had conflict with Xiao Yan and the others in the afternoon, Mo Xing. The middle aged man who was seated above him was naturally the Company Leader of the Sand Mercenary Company, Luo Bu.

“Company Leader, Xiao Ding and his group are becoming more and more arrogant. Everyone knows that our Sand Mercenary Company is an old strength within the Rock Desert City. These two young brats who had just arrived a few years ago actually dared to ignore us. If we continue to let them develop, we might have no end of trouble in the future.” Mo Xing licked his lips and said in a cold and sinister voice.

On the leader’s seat, the middle aged man lifted his eyes, glanced at Mo Xing below and said faintly, “Have you managed to find out what exactly are they doing there?”

“Uh… no. The people I brought with me did not have a chance to close in when we were chased out by Xiao Li and his group.” With a slightly red face, Mo Xing said in an embarrassed manner.

Hearing this, the middle aged man frowned. He snorted, clearly displeased with Mo Xing’s ability in handling problems.

Cold sweat appeared on Mo Xing’s forehead when he heard the snort. He hurriedly said, “Company Leader, although I don’t know what is their exact aim, it must definitely be something extraordinary in order for that cunning Xiao Ding to use all his effort to search. Moreover, the area where they are at is not far from the Rock Desert City. Thus, we have many excuses to step into that area.”

Luo Bu nodded his head. There was still some hesitation on his face. Before he knew exactly what that thing was, he was not willing to fight with the Desert Metal Mercenary Company. He might be a Da Dou Shi, but the others in his company, other than Mo Xing who was a Dou Shi, were all weaker than a Dou Shi. On the other hand, besides Xiao Ding and Xiao Li being Dou Shi, the Desert Metal Mercenary Company had another two more two star Dou Shis. Their overall strength was much stronger than the Sand Mercenary Company. Thus, Luo Bu was also a little afraid of the Desert Metal Mercenary Company.

“Company Leader. We cannot lose this opportunity. There are far too many secrets in the desert. If Xiao Ding and the others dig up some high class Dou Technique or Qi Method left by people of the past, then the Desert Metal Mercenary Company will really be able to leap pass our Sand Mercenary Company in the future!” Seeing Luo Bu’s hesitation, Mo Xing scolded silently in his heart before beginning to instigate.

“Alright…” Being pressed by Mo Xing, Luo Bu also began to become indecisive. He mused for a little longer. Finally, he could not resist but nod his head. “Gather the members tomorrow and snatch that piece of land from the Desert Metal Mercenary Company!”

Seeing that Luo Bu finally agreed, a joyful smile surfaced on Mo Xing’s face. An evilness flashed across his tiny eyes.

“Ugh… Company Leader Luo Bu, your decision is really disappointing.” A faint voice suddenly sounded in the room without warning.

The voice that suddenly sounded out caused the faces of the two in the room to change drastically. They turned their head suddenly and were shocked to realize that a young man dressed in black had unknowingly appeared on a chair in the corner of the room.

“Who are you?” Staring with shock at this young man who could enter the room without him noticing, Luo Bu shouted. However, his voice was bold on the outside but weak on the inside.

“Company Leader, he is the brother of Xiao Ding and Xiao Li!” Seeing Xiao Yan’s face, Mo Xing took a step back and abruptly shouted.

Hearing this, Luo Bu’s eyes shrunk as he stared intently at Xiao Yan. He said in a grave voice, “Young friend, is there a reason for you to visit our Sand Mercenary Company, so late in the night?”

Having seen with his own eyes the ghost like manner in which Xiao Yan appeared, Luo Bu was not foolish enough to treat him as an ignorant youth.

“Ke ke, nothing much… it is just that I wish for Company Leader Luo Bu to control your Sand Mercenary Compnay members during these few days and stop them from coming out to disturb my Big Brother and Second Brother conducting their business.” Xiao Yan’s finger gently moved on the table as he said with a laugh.

“Brat, you are too arrogant. What do you think you are?” Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, Mo Xing immediately retorted angrily.

“Noisy.” Lifting his eyes, Xiao Yan eyed Mo Xing behind Luo Bu. A coldness flashed across the dark black eyes. He got up, then… suddenly turned into a black shadow and passed through the obstacles in the room in a lightning like manner. An instant later, his palm gently landed on Mo Xing’s back. His body leaned forward softly and whispered, “You dog advisor. The plan that you came up with was rather evil…”

TL: Dog advisor means someone who gives bad/influenced ideas

Immediately after he said those words, a thick white flame suddenly soared from Xiao Yan’s palm. It then swiftly went into the body of Mo Xing, whose face was filled with horror. With a muffled sound, the Mo Xing who was still alive… was turned into a pile of dark black ashes in the blink of an eye.

Killing Mo Xing in an instant, Xiao Yan patted his hand and slowly moved his feet to the front of Luo Bu, whose stiffened back was facing him. He watched the perspiration filled face and involuntarily smiled.

Eyeing the smile on the young man’s face, Luo Bu’s throat rolled a little. The ghost like speed that Xiao Yan had displayed earlier had caused him to shiver. The requirement to display this kind of frightening speed and strength… was that one had to be at least a Dou Wang.

“Dou Wang…” Luo Bu stared at the delicate and handsome face of the young man in front of him. He silently mumbled in his heart. A Dou Wang that was not even twenty years old?

“Yes… the thing that I mentioned before…” Xiao Yan played with the thick white flame in his palm and asked with yet another smile.

“Gu.” Swallowing his saliva, Luo Bu wiped off the tiny cold droplets of sweat on his forehead. An ugly smile surfaced on his face as he tactfully said in a dry voice, “I will do as you says. The Sand Mercenary Company will not take even half a step into that area!”

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