Chapter 189: Qing Lin’s Discovery

Chapter 189: Qing Lin’s Discovery

Seeing that within a few minutes, the fight within the battleground had suddenly changed, everybody around the battleground widened their eyes, clearly stunned. It was difficult to imagine that Xiao Li, someone who almost no one could match in the company, would actually be mysteriously defeated by Xiao Yan, who was younger than him by seven or eight years.

Within the battleground, Xiao Li stared at the tip of the spear and was stunned for a long while before he finally recovered. His gaze swept across the smiling Xiao Yan in front of him and clicked his tongue as he shook his head. He sighed, “Little boy, how unexpected. You have hid so well. The strength that you had displayed does not appear to be merely that of a normal one star Dou Shi.”

“Ke ke, I was merely lucky.” Shaking his head while laughing, Xiao Yan inserted the spear into the ground and then headed to where the Heavy Xuan Ruler was a short distance away. He was about to lift it up when Xiao Li beside him stopped him with a smile.

“Let me try. This ruler… seems a little strange.” Xiao Li curiously stared...

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