Chapter 188: A Competition Between Brothers

Chapter 188: A Competition Between Brothers

On the huge empty yard, a silver and a purple human figure appeared to have torn out two pathways in the messy battleground. A long, empty space was left where the both of them passed.

“Bang!” Following the clear sound of metals coming into contact with each other, a ferocious energy wave violently flowed out from the center of the battleground. Instantly, the messy fighting that was going on within a ten meter radius of them both was cleared into an empty circle was formed.

Tightly holding the Heavy Xuan Ruler, Xiao Yan lifted his eyes and stared at the long spear that was trickily stabbing at him like a poisonous snake. At the top of the spear was a silver electric arc that jumped repeatedly. Taking in a light breath, Xiao Yan violently swung the heavy ruler in his hand.

“Clang!” The tip of the spear struck against the huge body of the ruler. Under the pressure of the strength the heavy ruler carried, the narrow and weak long spear was crushed into a alarming arc with the tip closing in on the spear handle where Xiao Li was holding.

“Hee hee, boy, you are quite strong.” Seeing that he was at a slight disadvantage after the first exchange, Xiao Li could not help but smile. On his palm, Dou Qi began...

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