Chapter 187: Competition

Chapter 187: Competition

“Young master, wake up…”

Early in the morning, Qing Lin softly shouted. Her hands were placed on her narrow waist while her exquisite small face helplessly watched Xiao Yan on the bed, hugging his quilt and sleeping.

Under Qing Lin’s shout, Xiao Yan semi-consciously opened his eyes. With heavy eyelids, he lazily sat up and did not know if he wanted to laugh or cry as he looked at Qing Lin pouting her lips beside him. With a sigh, he gave up the thought of lying lazily in bed. With the support of Qing Lin’s gentle and tender small hands, he quickly put on his clothes.

“Young Master, you cannot blame Qing Lin for disturbing your sleep. Today is the day of Desert Metal Mercenary Company’s competition that occurs once every three months and is also the most lively time of the Company in the three months. Last night you had even reminded me to wake you up, or else…” Having said until this point, a bright redness faintly appeared on Qing Lin’s exquisite small face as she said in a voice that could not be heard, “Else you said that Qing Lin’s bottom will suffer.”

“*Cough*...” During early morning, when a man just woke up, it was the...

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