Chapter 186: Qing Lin

Chapter 186: Qing Lin

On the night after Xiao Yan had arrived in Rock Desert City, Xiao Yan, who had never touched liquor made an exception and went happily to a liquor stall with Xiao Ding and Xiao Li.

The next day when Xiao Yan woke up from his sleep, his mind felt clouded and his opened eyes were blurry. He realized that the sky was already bright. Rubbing his somewhat painful head, he tilted his head and eyed the thin quilt on his body before he gradually sat up. After violently swinging his head, he smiled bitterly, crossed his legs together and formed the training seal on his hand. He entered the training mode and began to expel the remaining liquor in his body.

After training for a while, Xiao Yan gently flicked his finger and a thread of dense liquor vapor shot out from it.

Once he had expelled the alcohol from his body, Xiao Yan comfortably smoothed out his breath. He then opened his eyes gradually and once again recovered the calmness he had.

“Ga Zhi.”

Not long after Xiao Yan opened his eyes, the room’s door was suddenly gently pushed opened. A lovely and pretty figure quietly entered. However, when she saw Xiao Yan sitting on the bed, she was slightly surprised and hurriedly bowed. In a timid voice, she asked, “Young Master Xiao Yan, have you woken...

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