Chapter 185: Brothers (Teaser)

Chapter 185: Brothers

During the journey to Rock Desert City, Xue Lan had make some subtle inquiries in order to confirm Xiao Yan’s identity but each time, she would be vaguely handled by Xiao Yan. Regarding this, she could only helplessly glare at him.

Although Xiao Yan did not admit it himself, after Xue Lan’s careful and detailed observation of his appearance, a certainty appeared in her heart. The young male Dou Shi in front of her was definitely the strange younger brother Xiao Ding and Xiao Li ahd talked about, Xiao Yan!

After becoming certain of Xiao Yan’s identity, the gaze Xue Lan gave Xiao Yan had a little less caution and more smiles and gentleness.

While they chatted along the way, the outline of the huge city that sat outside the eastern region of the Tager Desert also faintly appeared within the the group’s sight.

Seeing the Rock Desert City closeby, Xue Lan and the others heaved a long sigh. Even the smile on Xiao Yan’s face widened. Having spent over ten days walking and enduring tough training in the desert, his spirit was also a little tired. Now that he had a place to rest, it was natural that he was a little excited.

Under the happy cheers of everyone, Xiao Yan and the rest of the group slowly arrived at the city’s entrance and swarmed into it.

Compared to the cities in the inner regions of the empire, the cities in the desert...

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