Chapter 183: Coincidental Meeting

Chapter 183: Coincidental Meeting

The golden colored sand was the main tune within this vast desert. Violent winds carried the sand, engulfing the space between the land and the sky while howling unceasingly.

On a sand dune, Xiao Yan who was naked above the waist, frowned tightly as he looked at the map in his hand. It had been over ten days since he had entered the Tager Desert. After over ten days of walking, Xiao Yan had finally approached the region marked by the flame symbol on the map. However, since he had entered this region yesterday, Xiao Yan was unable to find any traces of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ despite having searched for an entire day.

“Why is there nothing? Don’t tell me that we were misled by that old man?” Xiao Yan frowned and said as he waved the goatskin map in his hand and lifted his head to face Yao Lao who was floating in midair.

“This… I’m not sure. The surrounding landscape is not much different from other places. I am also unable to feel any spot with unusual movement” Yao Lao slowly descended and helplessly said.

“If there isn’t anything wrong with the map… it is very likely that this place does not have any traces of a ‘Heavenly Flame’...” Xiao Yan shook his head and sighed.



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