Chapter 182: Tough Training in the Desert

Chapter 182: Tough Training in the Desert

In the vast desert, a sandstorm raged. A young man wearing the long robes of an alchemist was slowly advancing through the sandstorm. The deep footprints left in the yellow sand behind him were covered by the sandstorm in a moment, burying all traces of his passage.

The environment within the Tager Desert was more harsh than what Xiao Yan had expected. Under the exposure of the hot sun, the yellow sand under his feet was like scalding, small metal pieces, causing Xiao Yan to involuntarily twitch his mouth each time his feet stepped on it.

As Xiao Yan slowly walked, the wind blowing toward his face carried fine grains of sand that smashed against his face, causing Xiao Yan to feel a slight stinging sensation. The pain caused Xiao Yan to circulate his Dou Qi all the time, forming a faint Dou Qi mask over his face in order to prevent the possibility of the sandstorm disfiguring him.

Despite the desert environment being extremely harsh, the fire type energy that it contained made Xiao Yan a lot more pleased. It was perhaps due to the exposure of the sun that resulted in this place having a much richer...

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