Chapter 181: Journey Through The Desert

Chapter 181: Journey Through The Desert

Seeing Xiao Yan nod his head, Hai Bodong finally sighed in relief. The smile on his old face grew a little wider.

“Give me the medicinal formula… Oh, yes, you know the rule when hiring an alchemist to refine medicine, don’t you?” Xiao Yan smiled at Hai Bodong. “Prepare the ingredients yourself!”

Hai Bodong nodded with a bitter smile. He naturally knew the rule, but all the same his dry palm grabbed threads of hair that could be counted as a beard as he said with some embarrassment, “I have gathered most of the medicinal ingredients required by the medicinal formula. However, I am still missing one of them.”

“This medicinal ingredient’s name is Sand’s Datura, can only be found in the Tager Desert and is easiest to find in places where the temperature is higher…. You should know that I train using an ice type Qi Technique. Additionally, my body also has the seal Queen Medusa left behind. If I step into the inner regions of the Tager Desert, she will discover my presence… so…”

Seeing Hai Bodong’s embarrassed expression, Xiao Yan rolled his eyes and curled his lips as he said, “You...

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