Chapter 179: Yao Lao Taking Action

Chapter 179: Yao Lao Taking Action

Within the environment of the permeating icy fog, it was as though one had walked into a space filled with cold air. The surrounding white fog was widespread and one could not see an end to it.

In the midst of the white fog, the old man raised his head as he watched the young man in midair with an astonished face. A moment later, his expression gradually turned grave as he growled in a low voice, “Boy, what is this Secret Technique?”

It was not at all strange that the old man would feel so shocked. Although on this Dou Qi continent, there was no shortage of some Secret Techniques that could swiftly raise one’s strength, the rank of these Secret Techniques were at least of the Di Rank. On this Dou Qi continent, the people or forces that could take out such a Secret Technique were only a few ultimate forces or extremely strong people that could be counted with one’s fingers. In the eyes of these ultimately strong forces or people, the strong people in the Jia Ma Empire were undoubtedly just like fireflies who were competing with the bright moon on their brightness.

“Don’t tell me this brat originates from one of those forces?” A shocking thought flashed across...

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