Chapter 178: Fight

Chapter 178: Fight

With the Dou Qi cloak covering his body, Xiao Yan could clearly feel that his body’s condition had improved a lot. He immediately grabbed the Heavy Xuan Ruler on his back tightly and pulled at it forcefully. Following a soft sound, the Heavy Xuan Ruler pierced the ground and created a deep imprint.

With his hand tightly holding the heavy ruler, Xiao Yan’s gaze cautiously swept across the surrounding fog that had pervaded the room.

When the purple colored Dou Qi cloak that emitted the Purple Flame appeared on Xiao Yan’s body, a soft shocked gasp was clearly emitted from the surrounding white colored fog.

Evidently, that mysterious old man had not expected Xiao Yan to be able to summon a Dou Qi cloak that was accompanied by a Dou Qi flame.

“Old sir, I have no ill intentions nor do I want to disturb old sir’s isolation. It is just that this map fragment is extremely important to me. I implore old sir to accommodate me!” As his gaze swept across the surroundings, Xiao Yan shouted.

“Hmph. Back then I spent a lot of effort in order to obtain this thing. Although I still do not exactly know what it is for despite studying it for over a decade, I do at least know that the secret it holds is not something small. You want me to hand it over to you for no reason? In your dreams!” From within the penetrating icy fog, the old man coldly laughed.

Xiao Yan frowned. He was about to open his mouth again when his heart abruptly trembled. The heavy ruler in his hand was swiftly placed at his front before his body hurriedly hid behind it.

“Puff…” Following the gentle sound of breaking wind, a few white colored icicles shot out from the fog. They finally emitted a clanging sound as they knocked against the Heavy Xuan Ruler in front of Xiao Yan.

After the icicles hit the Heavy Xuan Ruler, they suddenly turned into a pool of icy water and layered over the body of the ruler. At the same time, the hand which Xiao Yan used to hold the Heavy Xuan Ruler felt an icy cold feeling that continued to flow toward his body.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly. He gently flicked his finger and a purple colored flame rose from his palm. After which, it swiftly swept across the surface of the ruler and melted away all the icy frost and cold air on it.

“What? Purple colored flame? How unexpected that you actually possess so many different unique things at such a young age. No wonder you are so bold.” Seeing Xiao Yan’s action, the old man hiding in the fog once again said with surprise.

Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and did not reply. His gaze was locked tightly on the surrounding fog. His footsteps followed the route he had remembered in his mind and retreated.

“Although my strength cannot be compared to the past after being harmed by that thing which deserves to die, it is not difficult to handle a small fly like you!” Perceiving Xiao Yan’s stealthy actions, the old man laughed coldly from within the fog. A white figure suddenly shot out from the fog and closed the gap between it and Xiao Yan at lightning like speed.

The old man’s sudden charge caused a shocked expression to appear on Xiao Yan’s face. His palm tightly held the heavy ruler and smashed violently toward the human figure in front of him.

Seeing the huge ruler that was nearing with the sound of oppressive wind, the old man’s hands swiftly formed a seal as he softly called out, “Congeal Ice Mirror!”

Following the seal being formed by the old man’s hand, the white colored Dou Qi in front of him suddenly began to change. An instant later, an ice mirror around half a meter in both width and height suddenly coagulated and was formed in front of him.

“Bang!” The heavy ruler ferociously hacked downwards and finally smashed heavily on the ice mirror. Instantly, Xiao Yan’s expression changed. He realized through his senses that at the moment when the heavy ruler hacked on the ice mirror, a strong reverse force strangely shot upwards. Finally, it threw the unprepared Xiao Yan backwards.

Watching the pale faced Xiao Yan being thrown backwards, the old man once again laughed coldly. He waved his hand and tens of spiral shaped icicles quickly formed in front of him. When the old man waved his hand again, they howled as they explosively shot toward Xiao Yan from all directions.

After dragging his feet on the ground for some distance, Xiao Yan lifted his head and watched the large number of ice pricks that were coming at him and the icy energy mixed between them. He knitted his eyebrows together and his feet suddenly stepped on the ground. Following an explosion, he body shot violently upwards.

Having dodged the icicle attacks while his body was in mid air, Xiao Yan suddenly rotated his body. The Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand used the spinning force as it left Xiao Yan’s hand and violently and angrily shot toward the old man.

The heavy ruler shot out and under it’s own great weight, it flew forward as if it had broken the air. There was a faint purple arc that appeared on its surface and left a afterimage line behind it.

Seeing the Heavy Xuan Ruler explosively shooting at him, the old man’s eyebrows twitched with surprise. The young man in front of him was giving him too many surprises.

However, surprises remained only surprises. The old man did not show any mercy when he attacked. With an open and close of his palms, he created numerous tiny ice threads. He tossed his hands and the ice threads shot upwards before they headed for the heavy ruler from all direction and harassed it. In only a moment, it binded the heavy ruler in a thick layer of white colored ice threads.

Under the harassment caused by the ice threads from all directions, the ferocious force that the heavy ruler carried was swiftly removed. When it was around half a meter from the old man’s head, it finally came to a stop.

Carelessly glancing at the heavy ruler that was tightly covered by ice threads above his head, the old man laughed coldly. He swung his palm and the ruler hissed as it spun around in midair and under the influence of the ice threads, the ruler violently shot angrily at Xiao Yan who was in mid air and had no support to borrow force from.

Under the control of the old man, the force carried by the heavy ruler was not much weaker than the attack previously done by Xiao Yan with all his strength. If the ruler smashed unrestrained, Xiao Yan would be unable to escape the fate of being seriously injured.

Watching the approaching heavy ruler, Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head. His back shook slightly and his pair of Purple Cloud Wings extended out. The wings flapped, prompting his figure to quickly climb higher. Finally, he dodged the heavy ruler that was shot at him.

“What? Dou Qi Wings?” Seeing the pair of wings that shot out from Xiao Yan’s back, the old man’s eyes shrunk as he said with astonishment. A moment later, he shook his head. With a frown, he said, “It doesn’t look like Dou Qi Wings. Don’t tell me… it is a flying Dou Technique?”

“Great. Why is it that this kid is filled with treasures?” The old man slowly shook his head as he said in a stunned voice.

Ignoring how much shock the appearance of the Purple Cloud Wings gave the old man, Xiao Yan took advantage of him being distracted and pounced forward ferociously. The purple colored flame on his hand writhed as he flicked his finger so that a strand of Purple Flame shot out. The strand quickly found the main ice thread connected to the heavy ruler and burned it.

Losing the drive from the ice thread, the Heavy Xuan Ruler quickly fell. Xiao Yan flapped his pair of wings and swiftly charged forward. When his ten fingers flicked, the Purple Flame on his hand formed numerous tiny flames that completely burned away all the ice threads on the Heavy Xuan Ruler.

After completely removing the ice threads, Xiao Yan finally dared to once again hold the Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand. Holding the Heavy Xuan Ruler, his wings quickly flapped once more and Xiao Yan’s body suddenly shot into the air.

Standing on the ground, the old man watched Xiao Yan who intended to break through the roof to escape. His face could not help but form a ridiculing and joking expression.

The speed of Xiao Yan’s rising grew increasingly faster. However, after the Purple Cloud Wings flapped twice, he felt that there was a dense cold air being emitted a short distance from the top of his head.

Feeling this icy air, Xiao Yan felt his heart tighten. The Heavy Xuan Ruler suddenly stabbed angrily above his head.


The heavy ruler that stabbed upwards seemed to have clashed against something, emitting a clear sound. At the same time, a few tiny pieces of ice slowly fell and dropped on Xiao Yan’s face. The icy feeling caused his heart to sink. He did not expect that the old man would be able to turn the room into a hard igloo in such a short period of time.

Giving up his intention on forcefully breaking a hole, Xiao Yan gradually flapped his wings. His body descended as he coldly stared at the old man standing in the fog.

“Tsk tsk, a rare flying Dou Technique, unique purple colored flame, strange agility Dou Techniques, you have far surpassed the strength of an average Dou Shi. Boy, are you the disciple of the Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect? Or are you the young master of some extremely big clan? Maybe you are a member of the royalty?” Raising his head, the old man asked with great interest as he watched Xiao Yan, who was flapping his Purplish-black colored wing in mid air.

Xiao Yan licked his lips as he stared cautiously at the old man and did not reply.

“Even if you possess the identities that I have stated, however, you will not be able to take the fragment map piece and leave here today.” Touching the scar on his old face with his hand, the old man said with a voice that was gradually turning colder.

“Although you possess many different techniques, you are but a Dou Shi. My current strength may have been greatly reduced but it is not difficult for me to finish you off.” The old voice said blandy, “Hand over the fragment and I will let you leave. I also don’t want others to ruin the years of my secluded lifestyle.”

Eyeing this stubborn old man, Xiao Yan helplessly sighed. He laughed bitterly in his heart, “Teacher, it seems that you have to act. I am indeed no match for him. Even though his strength is incomparable to the past, it is as he had said: Finishing me off is nothing difficult.”

“Ke ke, it is indeed not difficult. After all, the difference in your strength is over two entire classes. Moreover, the Dou Techniques that guy possesses are not weaker than yours. The exchange earlier was only meant to test your strength. If he really became serious, you would not be able hold out for more than five exchanges.” Yao Lao’s voice sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart.

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly and nodded. After having a brief exchange with that old man, he naturally knew the other’s strength. If it was not for the fact that the old man could not transform his Dou Qi into wings, Xiao Yan might have been captured long ago.

“Ah… leave it to me, I will temporarily control your body.”

Regarding this, Yao Lao did not refuse. He knew that even if he wanted to use real battles to train Xiao Yan, there was also a limit. With Xiao Yan’s strength which was had just achieved the level of a Dou Shi, it would be undoubtedly be a joke if he went to challenge someone who's fighting ability was once that of a Dou Huang’s.

“Old sir, I have told you that this piece of map fragment is something I must obtain!” Xiao Yan first nodded his head before he shrugged his shoulders at the old man. In an abrupt manner, he gradually closed his eyes.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s strange action, the old man felt a little stunned. He frowned and a moment later, his expression suddenly changed. He noticed a ferocious force that was not inferior to his own suddenly explode from the young man’s body in midair.

“How is this possible?” Feeling the steady climb of the strength of Xiao Yan’s pressure, the old man’s insipid face finally revealed a shocked expression.

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