Chapter 177: Mysterious Old Man

Chapter 177: Mysterious Old Man

Xiao Yan’s hand trembled a little as he held the fragmented map piece that appeared as though it would turn to dust with just a touch. There was an unrestrained joy that could not be hidden within his eyes. He did not expect that he would find one of the mysterious fragmented pieces under such coincidental circumstances.

Xiao Yan could not understand the meaning behind the routes as he viewed the mysterious routes on this yellowing map piece. However, the outline of these routes were faintly familiar. This was because he had seen this type of mysterious map piece when he and the Fairy Doctor were searching for treasure in a cave within the Magic Beast Mountain Range…

This fragment of a mysterious map could lead one to find the legendary ‘Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame’ that was ranked third on the ‘Heavenly Flame’ ranking. Even Yao Lao also gave a very high evaluation to this kind of ‘Heavenly Flame’. When Yao Lao talked about the ‘Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame’, Xiao Yan did not have difficulty in sensing the amazement in his voice.

By being able to be repeatedly praised by Yao Lao, who once stood at...

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