Chapter 174: The Murder Caused by the Tier Five Medicinal Pill

Chapter 174: The Murder Caused by the Tier Five Medicinal Pill

Xiao Yan spent the three day flying journey on the flying bird in his own rom. Although there were two stops during the journey to rest, he did not step out. Instead, he continued to remain in his room, meticulously absorbing all the steps Yao Lao took when refining the medicinal pill into his mind.

This time around, Yao Lao took two and a half days in order to refine the medicine. This result was only achieved under the precondition of Yao Lao having the help of a ‘Heavenly Flame’. From this, it can be seen that if an ordinary Alchemist intended to successfully refine this ‘Blood Lotus Pill’, it would be impossible without a time period of over ten days.

After observing the entire process of Yao Lao refining the tier five medicinal pill, Xiao Yan felt that he had gained quite a lot. At the same time, he had also realized that his ability to control the flames and other alchemy related things that he was proud of were nothing in front of a true Alchemist Grandmaster. Take for example the process of refining a ‘Blood Lotus Pill’. Although there were only three ingredients, the complex process involved caused Xiao Yan to suck his tongue in shock. Xiao Yan had thought about it in his heart. If it was him, he might have turned the medicinal ingredient into a pile of ashes when refining the first ingredient.

From within the small room, the clouds outside flew past with great speed.

After two long days of being calcined by the ‘Heavenly Flame’. a blood red colored round medicinal pill the size of a dragon’s eye was rolling around as it rotated quickly a couple of inches above Yao Lao’s palm. From the luster of its surface, it had clearly reached the final stage of congregating and solidifying into a pill.

Licking his lips, Xiao Yan massaged his numb legs. His gaze randomly drifted out of the window and felt that the air had suddenly become much warmer.

“Are we arriving?” Xiao Yan rubbed his black panda eyes as he mumbled to himself. He rubbed his neck before shifting his gaze once more toward Yao Lao who was on the table. Although he had spent two days without any rest, Yao Lao’s expression still remained as calm as before. It was as though this long time of squandering his energy did not wear him down.

“The medicinal pill is about to be formed…” Just as Xiao Yan was admiring in his heart, Yao Lao suddenly said in a faint voice.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan hurriedly took out a high-grade rouge jade bottle. After which, he carefully placed it on the table and took a few steps back.

Glancing at the jade bottle on the table, Yao Lao nodded his head. His palm trembled slightly and a dense thick white flame rose, completely surrounding the blood colored medicinal pill.

The thick white flame hurriedly writhed a couple of times as an ferocious energy fluctuation suddenly undulated from within the flame. An instant later, it scattered out from the small house like a ripple.

When this energy ripple spread, the flying type Magic Beast which was in the midst of flying was shocked by it. Instantly, its huge body trembled and shook a few times as it’s terrifyed eagle cry sounded in midair.

Feeling this sudden energy ripple and the change in the flying type magic beast, Xiao Yan’s face changed slightly. At the same time, the blood colored medical pill that was being formed abruptly released an extremely dense medicinal scent. The medicinal scent also carried a faint red color as it exited the room and finally shrouded the small house.

“This is the phenomenon that will occur when a medicinal pill tier four and above is formed. Guard the door. Give me a few minutes to quietly complete the pill.” Yao Lao gravely said as he stared at the flame in his palm without changing expression: “Be careful of the alchemists traveling with us.”


Xiao Yan nodded his head seriously. At the moment when the strange scent was emitted, he had already discovered that there was some commotion in the few other rooms on this huge bird beast. A medicinal pill that was tier four and above possessed a fatal attraction to many people. Some were even willing to risk their lives in order to obtain it.

With his palm tightly holding the Heavy Xuan Ruler on his back, Xiao Yan turned around and opened the door. He then went out with an expressionless face. At the same time, he violently pulled the door closed with one hand.

Not long after he stood at the door, four human figures from the four other rooms rushed out without being properly dressed. Their gazes swept across the corridor and finally landed on Xiao Yan who was wearing an indifferent looking face.

The four gazes first swept across the tier two alchemist badge on Xiao Yan’s chest before shock flashed in their eyes. They exchanged glances hidden with meaning.

As the four men were weighing Xiao Yan, Xiao Yan also roughly glanced at all four of them. Among the four, there was an old man and three middle aged men who were in their thirties. On the chest of the old man was a tier three alchemist badge. Two others were tier two alchemists, the same tier as Xiao Yan. The last one was a tier one alchemist.

“Ke ke, young friend, I am Ha Lang.” The old man stared at the threads of pink scent that were flowing out of the room behind Xiao Yan. His eyes narrowed and greed surfaced. After he coughed twice, he slowly approached Xiao Yan and said in a friendly voice.

Glancing at this old man called Ha Lang with an emotionless gaze, Xiao Yan did not reply but the palm holding onto the Heavy Xuan Ruler tightened further.

“Ke ke, young friend. Did the energy ripple that has suddenly appeared just now originate from here? We don’t have any other intention. All we want to do is inquire. Ke ke, after all, all of us are a thousand meters in the sky. If anything were to happen, all of us would be killed.” Ignoring Xiao Yan’s cold attitude, the old man continued to smile as he said.

“That’s right. Little brother, all of us can be said to be on the same boat. Please do not create something a little dangerous. Otherwise, hehe… it does not benefit all of us here.” A tier two alchemist also gave a superficial smile as he came over. His gaze obscurely swept over the small room as his Adam’s apple noticeably trembled a little.

Seeing that these two had said such words, the other two middle aged men also moved forward, unwilling to be left out. Their collective voices echoed each other. As they repeated what had been said, they even made a suggestion of entering the room to conduct a check.

“My teacher is inside refining a medicinal pill. All of you are sensible people so there is no need to pretend to be foolish in front of me. We will not affect the flight of the flying bird. Please give me some face and return to your rooms. Don’t randomly disturb. Otherwise…” Xiao Yan said in a thick voice as he glanced at the four in front of him who clearly had ill intentions.

“Ke ke, young friend really knows how to joke. We do not have such intention. As you know, all of us cannot afford the consequences if something were to happen a thousand meters up in the air. Moreover, since you and your teacher have chosen to take the flying bird beast, it is natural that you have not achieved the stage where your Dou Qi can transform into wings. If anything were to happen….” That old man called Ha Lang said with a face full of smiles. His smile might have been calm but it could not hide his greed and ruthlessness.

Although he clearly understood that the mysterious alchemist in there would not be a lower tier than him, the other party was obviously in the process of refining medicine. During this time, diverting one’s attention was taboo. If one was not at his best, ruining the medicinal pill was a small and easy matter. In the case of a backlash, it might result in the refiner becoming a cripple. This was the reason why Ha Lang had such courage…

“Little brother, we only want to go in and confirm for ourselves. We will not create any trouble. Please move aside.” The tier two middle-aged man also knew that now was the best opportunity so he did not dare to drag the matter. He took a step forward, hid his Dou Qi in his palm and pushed at Xiao Yan.

“Get lost!”

Seeing this person’s bold action, Xiao Yan’s expression became cold. His palm sudden tightened and a purple colored flame instantly soared. Carrying a fierce force, his hand punched at the middle aged man before the latter could defend.

“Bang!” A muffled noise sounded. Xiao Yan hurriedly stepped back until he tightly glued himself on the room’s door before he steadied his body. Xiao Yan’s current strength was merely an ordinary Dou Shi while the large man had long entered the level of a three star Dou Shi. Although Xiao Yan managed to gain the upper hand by relying on his Purple Flame Dou Qi, obtaining a victory was not easy.

“Ah…” After receiving Xiao Yan’s attack, that tier two alchemist also took a few quick steps back. However, he suddenly grabbed his fist and let out a painful cry. The other three glanced over and were surprised to discover that the person’s fist had actually become totally red. There was also the faint sign of blood seeping out. It was extremely terrifying.

“‘Heavenly Flame’? No. This brat’s a little strange. Attack! Ta Gu! The medicinal pill inside is about to be completely refined!” Seeing the ascending Purple Flame on Xiao Yan’s fist, that old man’s expression changed. He then turned around and ordered the other tier two alchemist. From the looks of it, the old man seemed to be acquainted with that tier two alchemist.

Hearing the old man’s shout, that middle aged man whose strength was clearly greater than the tier two alchemist earlier nodded his head. He took a step forward and threw a flying kick at Xiao Yan with his right leg. On his feet, there was a dense dark yellow colored Dou Qi and the accompanying oppressing sound of the wind. Xiao Yan’s face became grave.

“Dammit!” Scolding angrily in his heart, Xiao Yan suddenly drew the Heavy Xuan Ruler from his back. He rotated his palm and stored it into the storage ring. At the same time, his feet violently stepped on the ground as he bent his body. Finally, he abruptly shot toward the middle aged man.

“Octane Blast!”

Xiao Yan suddenly shouted coldly in his heart. His right fist tightened and was thrown heavily forward. The frightening strength actually created numerous sound waves.


The fist and foot heavily knocked against one another. Under Xiao Yan’s full attack strength, the middle aged man, who was not looking down on Xiao Yan despite his low level, was ruthlessly sent flying by the frightening force contained in Xiao Yan’s fist.


The middle aged man violently smashed into one of the rooms. Immediately, sawdust was scattered and the small room wrecked. At the back of the room the blue sky and pale clouds outside were revealed.

Seeing the ashen face of the middle aged man who had stopped at the corner of the back of the flying bird, a ghastly glint flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes. He was about to launch another swift attack to throw that guy off the back of the bird when a triumphant, cold, laughter sounded from behind him, causing his heart to be alarmed.

He abruptly turned his head around and found that chilly faced old man had already appeared in front of the door. The latter tilted his head and grinned at Xiao Yan gloatingly as he said in a ghastly manner, “Brat. Once I finish off the one inside, I will throw you down!”

After he said those words, the old man threw a punch at the wooden door. Instantly, fragments of wood shot out in all directions while the room’s door burst under the old man’s laughter.

The old man’s face was filled with smiles as he carelessly pushed aside some of the wood fragments that shot at him. He had just stepped into the room when a specter like shadow strangely appeared in his front like a ghost. A very old arm extended out like lightning and grabbed the old man’s neck.

“You wish to finish me off?”

A faint voice sounded by the side of the old man’s ear, causing the eyes of the old man who was at a loss to suddenly shrink.

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