Chapter 174: The Murder Caused by the Tier Five Medicinal Pill

Chapter 174: The Murder Caused by the Tier Five Medicinal Pill

Xiao Yan spent the three day flying journey on the flying bird in his own rom. Although there were two stops during the journey to rest, he did not step out. Instead, he continued to remain in his room, meticulously absorbing all the steps Yao Lao took when refining the medicinal pill into his mind.

This time around, Yao Lao took two and a half days in order to refine the medicine. This result was only achieved under the precondition of Yao Lao having the help of a ‘Heavenly Flame’. From this, it can be seen that if an ordinary Alchemist intended to successfully refine this ‘Blood Lotus Pill’, it would be impossible without a time period of over ten days.

After observing the entire process of Yao Lao refining the tier five medicinal pill, Xiao Yan felt that he had gained quite a lot. At the same time, he had also realized that his ability to control the flames and other alchemy related things that he was proud of were nothing in front of a true Alchemist Grandmaster. Take for example the process of refining a ‘Blood Lotus Pill’. Although there were only three ingredients, the complex process involved caused Xiao Yan to suck his tongue...

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