Chapter 173: During the Flight

Chapter 173: During the Flight

After walking out from the Alchemist Association, Xiao Yan glanced around before striding toward the middle of the city where the Flying Transportation Company was located.

After passing a few unfamiliar streets and asking for directions along the way, Xiao Yan finally found the Flying Transportation Company situated in the middle of a wide open space after ten minutes.

There were over ten large bird monsters parked in the vast plaza. This kind of bird monster was known as the Thick Winged Bird. They did not belong to the Magic Beast classification and were instead just birds. They had very gentle tempers and were easily trained by humans. However, due to their small numbers, it would usually require the strength of an empire in order to create this kind of Flying Transportation Fleet.

This kind of Thick Winged Bird may not be comparable to a Flying type Magic Beast in terms of speed, they still had extremely great endurance. As long as one of them had a full meal, it could fly at a steady speed for up to four or five days. Its ability to carry a load was also outstanding....

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