Chapter 173: During the Flight

Chapter 173: During the Flight

After walking out from the Alchemist Association, Xiao Yan glanced around before striding toward the middle of the city where the Flying Transportation Company was located.

After passing a few unfamiliar streets and asking for directions along the way, Xiao Yan finally found the Flying Transportation Company situated in the middle of a wide open space after ten minutes.

There were over ten large bird monsters parked in the vast plaza. This kind of bird monster was known as the Thick Winged Bird. They did not belong to the Magic Beast classification and were instead just birds. They had very gentle tempers and were easily trained by humans. However, due to their small numbers, it would usually require the strength of an empire in order to create this kind of Flying Transportation Fleet.

This kind of Thick Winged Bird may not be comparable to a Flying type Magic Beast in terms of speed, they still had extremely great endurance. As long as one of them had a full meal, it could fly at a steady speed for up to four or five days. Its ability to carry a load was also outstanding. A fully grown Thick Winged Bird could easily carry loads up to five or six times its weight and still fly for a long period of time.

These Thick Winged Birds would be forcefully taken back by the empire’s military during times of war. It would only be returned to the public when the war was over. Thus, among the creatures, there were many who had experienced battle. As Xiao Yan entered the plaza, the cries released were filled with power as they forcefully poured into his ear, causing Xiao Yan’s ears to ring when he could not react in time.

Xiao Yan shook his head violently before lifting it and looked around the crowded plaza. Beside each Thick Winged Bird, there was a long queue. On the wooden stairs beside the Thick Winged Bird, Xiao Yan could even see a person in uniform collecting the boarding tickets.

After being stunned for awhile upon seeing this sight, Xiao Yan laughed bitterly and shook his head. He stopped a passerbyer and inquired about where he could purchase the tickets before heading for the south-eastern part of the plaza where the Ticket Counter was.

Currently, there was a very long queue in front of the Ticket Counter and Xiao Yan could only helplessly queue quietly as he waited for his turn.

During his wait, the noisiness by his ear never ceased. Xiao Yan rubbed his temple as he was suddenly envious of the Fairy Doctor. Now he finally knew that owning a flying steed was far too important.With just a bamboo whistle, the vast Dou Qi continent was hers to roam…

“Dammit, I will get a flying pet in the future…” Clenching his teeth, Xiao Yan viciously said in his heart.

“Mister, where do you wish to travel to?” While Xiao Yan was thinking by himself, a lady’s voice sounded from his front.


Xiao Yan’s mind had momentarily blanked. He lifted his head and realized that the queue had already cleared in front of him. Behind the counter, there was a gorgeous lady in a uniform who was using her occupational smile as she asked him. However, Xiao Yan could see that there seemed to be an impatientness behind the smile.

“The eastern border of the empire. The city closest to Tager Desert.” Xiao Yan glanced at the fairly beautiful lady in front of him as he said blandly.

Hearing this, the lady skimmed her lips together and muttered softly to herself. After which, she pulled out a ticket that was made of the special fur of a Magic Beast. However, when she was about to hand the ticket over to Xiao Yan, her impatient gaze that was roaming around suddenly paused on the Alchemist badge in front of Xiao Yan’s chest. Instantly, her extended hand suddenly stiffened. With a careful voice and smile, she inquired, “Sir, are you an alchemist?”

“Yes... is there a problem?” Xiao Yan frowned as he asked.

“Not at all, not at all. It is just that according to the empire’s regulations, an Alchemist can enjoy the service of the Flying Transportation Company for free. Therefore, please follow me. We have a flying steed that is specially prepared for alchemists.” Seeing Xiao Yan nod his head, the lady hurriedly shook her head and respectfully said with a smile.

Hearing this, Xiao Yan once again stilled. A moment later, he could not help but sigh emotionally. The identity as an alchemist was really grand to the point where one would be astounded. Even when it came to these small things, the empire had given orders to benefit alchemists. No wonder many people would adopt a respectful face when they saw an alchemist. The rarity and nobility of this occupation far outstripped Xiao Yan’s previous expectations.

Under the envious and respectful gazes that surrounded him, Xiao Yan gently patted the Heavy Xuan Ruler on his back before following the lady who had exited the counter.

On the way, the slightly beautiful lady who was walking in front of him had intentionally or unintentionally repeatedly shook her full and narrow waist, forming a sexy and fiery curve. Although her face was not superb, it was still sufficient to prompt some heat in a person’s lower abdomen when combined with her tight uniform dress.

Walking behind, Xiao Yan faintly took a glance before withdrawing it. He was not ruled by his spunk, so he was not interested in getting involved with this lady who was acting in a slightly debauched manner.

After walking through a walkway, an extremely huge Bird Beast that was as large as a Thick Winged Bird appeared in Xiao Yan’s sight.

Sweeping his gaze at this somewhat fierce looking huge Bird Beast, Xiao Yan was a little shocked to realize that this was actually a flying Magic Beast.

From its aura, the beast appeared to have been at rank one but Xiao Yan could feel a flowing wind type energy surrounding its body. Clearly, this was a wind type flying Magic Beast; the flying speed of this kind of Magic Beast was extremely fast.

On the back of the flying Magic Beast, there was a small house that was firmly built on it using a special wood. This type of wood was extremely agile yet firm. There was, however, very little of it available.

The interior of the house was further divided into a few small rooms. Xiao Yan glanced at the house and found that two of the rooms were already occupied. From the robes on their bodies, they were obviously all alchemists.

“Sir, this is the Flying Beast that will head to the eastern border city, Desert City, of the Jia Ma Empire. That city is the closest to the Tager Desert.” Stopping in front of the flying Magic Beast, that lady in uniform respectfully said.

“Yes.” Nodding his head slightly, Xiao Yan gently stepped on the ground, prompting his body to drift up onto the spacious back of the huge bird. Under the resentful gaze from behind him, he entered one of the empty rooms.

Taking this kind of Flying Beast for the first time, Xiao Yan naturally did not know that as a grand Alchemist, he was qualified to enjoy high standard personal service. As for what it meant by personal service, any man would understand… The reason for the action of the lady along the way was because she hoped Xiao Yan would choose her to be the female servant accompanying him during the journey. Unfortunately, Xiao Yan was not interested in such things, so her ‘affection’ was naturally ignored.

Not long after Xiao Yan boarded the Flying Beast, another alchemist also boarded it. After waiting for a little longer, Xiao Yan finally felt the huge Flying Beast slowly flapped its wings. Threads of wind type energy also began to shroud the underside of the beast and lifted its huge body into the sky.

Following a sharp cry, the Flying Beast, under the control of a Beast Trainer, suddenly shot to the sky and began swiftly flying toward the eastern regions of the Jia Ma Empire.

Seated by the window in the room, Xiao Yan watched the faint fog of clouds fly past him. From the deep recess of his memory, a somewhat distant word of ‘airplane’ suddenly appeared in his mind. He smiled bitterly and shook his head, throwing the thought out of his mind. Xiao Yan sat cross-legged on the chair and gradually entered training mode.

There was quite a distance from Black Rock City to the edge of the empire’s body. Even with the speed of this flying Magic Beast, it would at least require three days of flight before they could reach the border. Thus, Xiao Yan was unwilling to waste so much time.

The bright sky slowly became dark when Xiao Yan, who was training, was suddenly woken by numerous strange sounds.

Slowly opening his eyes, Xiao Yan saw that the Moonlight Rock within his room was already beginning to release a faint light, expelling the darkness of the night from the room.

Xiao Yan gently released a feculent air from his mouth and helplessly watched the room to his left. From within it, the panting sound of a man and the seductive groan of a woman was unceasingly pouring into his mind like a devil’s sound.

“Damnit…” Xiao Yan softly scolded. He suddenly understood why the lady today had repeatedly swayed in front of him. There was actually such a service.

Shaking his head helplessly, Xiao Yan did not dare continue training in such a situation. He let out a sigh and took out the ‘Blood Lotus Essence’, ‘Ice Spirit Blazing Grass’ and the rank three Monster Core from his storage ring. He carefully and gently placed them on the table before tapping the pitch-black ring. Instantly, Yao Lao unsteadily floated out from it.

“Why? Do you want to refine the ‘Blood Lotus Pill’ now?” Yao Lao said with a smile as he glanced at the three types of ingredients on the table.

“Yes, let’s prepare it earlier. After all, didn’t Teacher say back then that if my luck was good, I may suddenly find a ‘Heavenly Flame’ at any time.” Xiao Yan nodded his head while smiling. Hearing this, Yao Lao also smiled but he did not refuse, He floated to the front of the table and nodded his head. With a smile, he said, “It’s just as well. This ‘Blood Lotus Pill’ is a high tier medicinal pill that can be considered to have entered tier five. The time needed to refine it would be around two days. Since we are free now, let’s make the most of this time.”

“Tier five medicinal pill?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan was slightly shocked. He did not expect that this ‘Blood Lotus Pill’ had actually reached this tier. Tier five medicine. In the entirety of the Jia Ma Empire, it was likely that only Pill-King Gu He could refine it.

“Observe it carefully. Seeing how a high tier medicinal pill is being refined will be of much benefit to you.” After reminding Xiao Yan, Yao Lao slowly extended his hand. Instantly, a thick white flame curled upwards from his palm.

Seeing that cluster of thick white flame, Xiao Yan could not help but lick his lips. This one of the ‘Heavenly Flame’s that he had spent days and nights coveting.

Yao Lao stared blankly at the thick white flame on his hand. He waited for it to gradually rise before releasing a mouthful of air. After which, he threw the ranked three monster core into it. The refining process of the ‘Blood Lotus Pill’ officially began high up in the sky!

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