Chapter 172: The Alchemist Grand Meeting

Chapter 172: The Alchemist Grand Meeting

Staring intently at the white jade box in front of him, excitement surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face. His hand trembled slightly as he reached forward, intending to hold that small jade bottle in his hand.

Looking at Xiao Yan’s action, a mocking glint flashed across the muddy eyes of Gu Te who was seated opposite him.

Just as Xiao Yan touched the small jade bottle, his heart abruptly tightened. He found that the spot on his hand that came into contact with felt a coldness that pierced his bone. In the blink of an eye, his palm was covered with a layer of thin ice. In addition, the ice swiftly spread up Xiao Yan’s arm.

The unexpected change caused Xiao Yan’s expression to change slightly. An idea struck him and threads of purple colored Dou Qi in his body quickly passed through a few QI Paths and finally flowed to his arm. Instantly, a faint purple colored flame rose from Xiao Yan’s arm and came to a brief stalemate with the icy air before gradually melting it.

His arm shook slightly and threw off the water stains on it. Xiao Yan’s hand was covered in a pale purple colored flame as he once again grabbed the small jade bottle. This time round, he lifted it up without any change in his expression.

Beside him, Gu Te watched the Purple Flame that burnt and soared on Xiao Yan’s hand. A surprised expression flashed across his face as he cried out involuntarily, “‘Heavenly Flame’? No…” After feeling the strength of the Purple Flame, Gu Te shook his head slightly. He looked intently at the young man in front of him and softly said in his heart, “What a guy. I was actually mistaken. This guy is not someone simple.”

Ignoring Gu Te’s gaze, Xiao Yan focused on carefully studying the small jade bottle in his hand that was continuously releasing icy cold air. He carefully opened the bottle cap and revealed half a bottle of cream white liquid. On top of the liquid, one could faintly see some ice-like things. Xiao Yan gently inhaled a breath of cold air from the bottle. Instantly, his body violently shivered. The Purple Flame Dou Qi in his body circulated for a moment before it forced the thread of icy air out from his head.

Xiao Yan extended his hand and touched the top of his head. He was stunned to find that a thin layer of ice crystals had formed on it. He immediately smacked his lips together. This ‘Ice Spirit Cold Fountain’ was indeed a rare unique treasure. No wonder one must have its help when swallowing a ‘Heavenly Flame’. From the trend of his thoughts, Xiao Yan could also vaguely feel just how frightening the strength of a ‘Heavenly Flame’ was… it actually required a few different types of unique things to work together in order to raise the success rate by a little…

Xiao Yan cautiously studied the ‘Ice Spirit Cold Fountain’ for a long while. Only when Yao Lao confirmed it in his heart did Xiao Yan hurriedly place it back into the white jade box.

“You have already obtained what you want. Leave if you having nothing else…” Painfully watching the ‘Ice Spirit Cold Fountain’ being stored by Xiao Yan in his storage ring, Gu Te’s face twitched as he waved his hand in an attempt to chase him out.

Having obtained what he needed most, Xiao Yan sighed with relief in his heart. He cupped his hands together and shook it at Gu Te. With a smile, he said, “Grandmaster, thank you for your help. If I have any opportunity in the future, I will definitely come here to exchange with you.”

“Hmm hmm. Come find me when you are able to take out some ingredients. Otherwise, the old me will not see anyone.” Smacking his mouth, Gu Te rudely said.

“Of course. If I am not able to take something out, I will not dare to come and disturb you.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded before glancing all around the room. He randomly asked, “Grandmaster Gu Te. Do you happen to have a rank three monster core with you? If you have…”

“Rank three monster core?” Rolling his eyes, Gu Te purposefully said with disdain, “Do you think that I would keep something of that grade?”

“...” Seeing the unhappy Gu Te, Xiao Yan was speechless.

“Boy, you need a monster core? I don’t have a rank three one but I have one rank five monster core in my collection. Do you want it? Hehe, all you need is to take out another bottle, no, half a bottle of the ‘Amethyst Lion Birth Essence’ and I will exchange it with you!” Gu Te rubbed his hands together. His face suddenly became less hostile and the smile of his was like a cunning wolf.

“Haha… Grandmaster Gu Te really likes to joke. That bottle of Amethyst Essence is really all that I have. I won’t be able to take out any more of it.” Xiao Yan smiled dryly and shook his head. Although a rank five monster core was valuable, that was something that could be obtained if one had the strength. However, the ‘Amethyst Lion Birth Essence’ was a rare item that relied on one’s luck and could not be easily obtained. Moreover, even if Xiao Yan obtained a rank five monster core, he had no use for it and would only attract envy if he kept it with him.

“Since Grandmaster Gu Te doesn’t have a rank three monster core, then I will stop by at the auction house. Heh, goodbye.” Smiling at Gu Te, Xiao Yan gradually turned his body, opened the door and walked out under Gu Te’s unhappy gaze.

“Little Bastard, I don’t believe you…” Gu Te sat down on the chair and was at a slight loss as he frowned, “Xiao Yan? I seem to have heard this name somewhere. Where…”

In the middle of the room, the old man in drab scratched his hair as he thought deeply.


The sound of footsteps caused Ao Tuo to turn around as he saw Xiao Yan, whose face was full of smiles. He could not help but ask in a stunned voice, “Have you gotten it?”

“Heh. Yes.”

Nodding his head with a smile, Xiao Yan cupped his hands together and expressed his thanks, “If it were not for Grandmaster Ao Tuo’s help today, I’m afraid that I would really have to run all around the world in search of this ‘Ice Spirit Cold Fountain’.”

“It wasn’t much. These things will only be decorations if placed with that old man. With his ability, he would be unable to use them. By giving them the chance to end up in the hands of someone who needs them, it can be considered that I have done a good deed.” Ao Tuo smiled and shook his head. His gaze swept across the young man in front of him and could not help but be amazed in his heart. After having known Gu Te for so many years, he naturally knew that the old man would not give in without some incentive. Originally, he did not hold much hope when he led Xiao Yan over. After all, what kind of rare and unique items can an alchemist who had just reached tier two take out?

However, the smiling young man in front of him had personally informed him that the item had been secured. This was something that made Ao Tuo very curious. He was curious as to what kind of thing would be able to move that stingy monster.

Although the curiosity was a little intense, Ao Tuo did not ask the question. He was not a novice who had just left his home. After muddling along for so many years, he naturally knew some of the rules of an exchange. Hence, even if his heart was as curious as a cat’s paw, he wisely chose to avoid this question.

Since Ao Tuo did not ask, Xiao Yan naturally would not reply. In this way, both of them understood each other as they chatted with smiles while they walked out of this messy and strange building.

“You still need a rank three monster core?” After leaving the room, Ao Tuo heard the information that Xiao Yan unintentionally revealed. He tilted his head and posed the question.

“Yes.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded before saying softly, “I will be leaving Black Rock City today and head to the Empire’s eastern border. Thus I need to prepare everything I will need, here.”

“Head to the border of the empire?” Hearing this, Ao Tuo momentarily stilled. He quickly smiled and nodded as he voiced his thoughts, “Why don’t we do this. You will first accompany me to the Alchemist Association to wait. As for that rank three monster core, I will send someone to help you obtain one from the steward of the auction house. This way, you can save the time you would have needed to go to the auction house.”

Hearing these words, Xiao Yan felt a desire to accept it. He did not pretend otherwise as he nodded with a smile. “Then I’ll trouble Grandmaster Ao Tuo.”

“Heh, since you have registered at our Black Rock City’s Alchemist Association, you can be considered one of us. This little bit of trouble is nothing…” Ao Tuo shook his head and carelessly replied.

Ao Tuo’s words clearly had faint signs of trying to butter up to Xiao Yan. Regarding this, Xiao Yan only hesitated a little before nodding his head. In the Jia Ma Empire, the Alchemist Association was undoubtedly a huge organization that would not lose to the Misty Cloud Sect. Becoming one with them would not be detrimental to him in any way. Moreover, if he needed to refine medicine in the future, he would need some rare and strange things. When that time comes, the exchange system of the Alchemist Association was extremely accesssible. Thus, Xiao Yan was not too resistant to this matter.

Of course, the main reason for Xiao Yan to agree without too much hesitation was that there was not too many restrictions in the Alchemist Association. During ordinary days, everyone worked on their own things and did not bother one another. On occasion when the Alchemist Association needed help, they may distribute invitations to get some alchemist to help. The help given was naturally not free. Once it was properly completed, the Association would give a good amount of compensation.

Soon after the two of them returned to the Alchemist Association, Ao Tuo gave the order for someone to help Xiao Yan purchase a rank three monster core before inviting Xiao Yan into the living room to wait there quietly.

In the spacious living room, Ao Tuo carried a cup of tea and placed it in front of Xiao Yan. He thought quietly for a while before suddenly asking, “Xiao Yan, how long are you planning to spend in your trip to the empire’s border?”

“Maybe around half a year.”

“Half a year…” Tapping his finger gently on the table, Ao Tuo smiled and said, “Half a year later, will you go to the capital of Jia Ma Empire?”

“Capital?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan momentarily stilled. He pressed his lips tightly together and nodded. In his heart, he coldly said, “Of course I will go. The Misty Cloud Sect is just outside the capital. How can I not go?”

“Heh.” Hearing Xiao Yan’s words, the smile on Ao Tuo’s face became a little more obvious. The gaze he gave Xiao Yan was also gentler.

“Grandmaster Ao Tuo… is something the matter?” Seeing Ao Tuo’s manner, Xiao Yet felt unnatural as he asked.

“There is indeed something.”

Nodding his head with a smile, Ao Tuo gently said, “Half a year later, the upcoming Alchemist Grand Meeting will occur in the capital. I think that if you have the spare time then, you can take part in it. It would be very beneficial to you.”

“The Alchemist Grand Meeting?” Hearing this, Xiao Yan’s face was clearly at a loss.

“During the Alchemist Grand Meeting, not only will there be many alchemists from the Jia Ma Empire participating, there will also be some alchemists from other empires in the Dou Qi continent who will come and join. This is a great event in the Jia Ma Empire Alchemist scene. It would be a pity to miss it.”


“If you wish to join when that time comes, you can come to the capital’s Alchemist Association Headquarters to find Frank or me. By then, we will all be there.” Seeing some interest from Xiao Yan’s face, Ao Tuo said with a smile.

“Haha, alright. If I’m free then, I will definitely go and take a look.” Xiao Yan smiled and nodded; it could be considered that he accepted Ao Tuo’s invitation.

Seeing that Xiao Yan had nodded his head in agreement, Ao Tuo smiled and nodded too. Then he told Xiao Yan some important things regarding the Alchemist Grand Meeting that the latter needed to take note.

During the time the two of them were talking, the person who had went to the auction house to purchase the rank three Monster Core had also rushed back. He respectfully handed it to Xiao Yan.

The value of a rank three Monster Core would not be lower than two hundred thousand. However, this money was rejected by a smiling Ao Tuo. With the wealth from the Alchemist Association, spending this bit of money was really like a drop in the ocean.

When faced with this rank three Monster Core that he obtained for free, Xiao Yan could only helplessly accept it. The two of them chatted for a while longer before Xiao Yan finally got up and bid his farewell. Today, he would leave Black Rock City.

With a smile, Ao Tuo saw Xiao Yan out of the Alchemist Association. He watched Xiao Yan’s back as it slowly disappeared to nothing before he smiled and whispered, “Xiao Yan, I will be waiting at the Alchemist Grand Meeting for you. I hope you can display your talent at that scene…”

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