Chapter 171: Successfully Obtaining the Ice Spirit Cold Fountain

Chapter 171: Successfully Obtaining the Ice Spirit Cold Fountain

With his turbid old eyes were intently locked onto the small jade bottle on the table, a long while later, Gu Te licked his lips, carefully extended his hand and grabbed the jade bottle into his hand. He put it under his nose and took a gentle sniff of the dense purple vapor. Instantly, he felt the fire type Dou Qi in his body, which was originally circulating at a tortoise like speed, become much more active.

“Tsk tsk. An excellent thing.” Feeling the change in his body, an expression of surprise appeared on Gu Te’s old face. He sighed in amazement as he smacked his lips. Musing for a while, he suddenly turned his body around and began searching through the garbage pile beside him. Finally, he took out a small crystal dish and a narrow hollow needle.

He placed the narrow needle into the jade bottle and gently pinched it, sucking up and filling the hollow needle with the purple colored liquid. After which, he carefully dropped it in the middle of the crystal dish.

As the purple colored liquid was dropped onto the crystal dish, Xiao Yan and Gu Te could faintly see a purple colored flame dancing within that drop of the purple colored liquid.

“This thing…” Pressing his eyebrows together, Gu Te thought...

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