Chapter 169: Gu Te

Chapter 169: Gu Te

“Ice Spirit Cold Fountain?”

Hearing the name that Xiao Yan spat out, Frank and Ao Tuo clearly stilled for a moment. An instant later, they said in a surprised voice, “Little boy, the Ice Spirit Cold Fountain is an extremely rare and precious Spiritual ingredient. With your current ability, it seems like you should not need this kind of thing.”

With a smile, Xiao Yan vaguely said, “I really need this thing. Grandmasters, do you know anyone in the Alchemist Association who possesses it? If you do, I can pay a large sum in exchange for it.”

“A large sum? Xiao Yan, you should know that this ‘Ice Spirit Cold Fountain’ is something extremely rare that cannot be measured with gold coins. Moreover, even if someone had this thing, you would be hard pressed to take something out to exchange for it.” Frank shook his head and said.

“Hehe, of course I know this. Can you grandmasters please help me check? If there is really someone who possesses it, I may be able to take out something that would satisfy him.” Xiao Yan politely said as he smiled and nodded.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s insistence, Frank pressed his old eyebrows together. He then...

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