Chapter 168: The Incredible Treatment for Alchemists (Teaser)

Chapter 168: The Incredible Treatment for Alchemists

Seeing the faces of Frank and Ao Tuo which were filled with amazement, all the throats of those in the hall could not help but roll gently. Looking at the manner of these two, the young man had obviously passed the tier two test.

“What a frightening person…” Everyone looked at each other as they sighed gently in their hearts. A nineteen years old tier two alchemist. This could be considered as a new record in the Jia Ma Empire.

“This guy… actually managed to succeed? At nineteen, he has actually reached the Dou Shi level? How is this possible?” Opening her red lips, Lin Fei softly mumbled with astonishment.

Beside her, Xue Mei also nodded her head slightly. Wasn’t this guy far too monstrous?

Seeing the shocked expressions of everyone in the hall, Frank and Ao Tuo also faced each other and smiled bitterly. After observing Xiao Yan refining a medicinal pill at close proximity, both of them could not help but feel amazed at the talent in refining pills that Xiao Yan had demonstrated.

Although it was Xiao Yan’s first refinement using the medicinal formula provided for the test, his outstanding control of the flame was not inferior to any true tier two alchemist. Moreover,...

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