Chapter 167: The Youngest Tier Two Alchemist (Teaser)

Chapter 167: The Youngest Tier Two Alchemist

“Continue to take the test for a tier two alchemist?”

Xiao Yan’s words not only caused Frank and Ao Tuo to display a dull expression but also caused the two ladies, Xue Mei and Lin Fei, beside him to suddenly pause what they were doing and lift their heads. Their faces were filled with astonishment as they blankly stared at the young man by the stone table.

Within the hall, everyone’s gazes were foolishly staring at the young man. If Xiao Yan’s success in passing a tier one alchemist test just a moment ago caused them to feel amazement in their hearts, then this next question actually caused everyone to feel stunned.

A nineteen year old tier one alchemist was uncommon but there were still many in the Jia Ma Empire. However, a nineteen year old tier two alchemist was truly rare. It should be known that even the Pill King Gu He within the Jia Ma Empire had only just become a tier one alchemist at this age.

If Xiao Yan managed to pass the test for the tier two alchemist today, would it not mean that his achievements in the future would be even greater than Pill King Gu He.

“Oh god… we might be witnessing a monster...

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