Chapter 166: Passing the Test

Chapter 166: Passing the Test

“That guy… actually summoned a purple colored flame? Don’t tell me... it’s a ‘Heavenly Flame’!? How can it be?”

All the alchemists within the hall stared at the soaring and burning purple flame in the medicinal cauldron with shock. Since there was a light curtain separating them, they could not be certain of the exact details of the tlame. However, the color of the flame was definitely not an ordinary Dou Qi Flame created from condensed Dou Qi.

“Heavenly Flame?” Frank and Ao Tuo exchanged glances and immediately shook their heads.

“Doesn’t look like it… moreover, with that kid’s strength, he should not be able to control the intense Heavenly Flame with such ease!” Ao Tuo stared intently at the Purple Flame that was rising under the control of Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception as he said in a deep voice.

“There is indeed some difference. A ‘Heavenly Flame’ isn’t so easy to control…” Frank wiped the water stains on his beard. The expression on his face was extremely serious.

“But why is his flame purple in color?” Frank and Ao Tuo frowned. They felt a little ignorant. Neither had heard of any flame other than a flame that was refined from a Heavenly Flame that was entirely purple in color.

“This kid... isn’t simple. No wonder he dares to take the test for a tier one alchemist at such a young age. He actually...

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