Chapter 166: Passing the Test

Chapter 166: Passing the Test

“That guy… actually summoned a purple colored flame? Don’t tell me... it’s a ‘Heavenly Flame’!? How can it be?”

All the alchemists within the hall stared at the soaring and burning purple flame in the medicinal cauldron with shock. Since there was a light curtain separating them, they could not be certain of the exact details of the tlame. However, the color of the flame was definitely not an ordinary Dou Qi Flame created from condensed Dou Qi.

“Heavenly Flame?” Frank and Ao Tuo exchanged glances and immediately shook their heads.

“Doesn’t look like it… moreover, with that kid’s strength, he should not be able to control the intense Heavenly Flame with such ease!” Ao Tuo stared intently at the Purple Flame that was rising under the control of Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception as he said in a deep voice.

“There is indeed some difference. A ‘Heavenly Flame’ isn’t so easy to control…” Frank wiped the water stains on his beard. The expression on his face was extremely serious.

“But why is his flame purple in color?” Frank and Ao Tuo frowned. They felt a little ignorant. Neither had heard of any flame other than a flame that was refined from a Heavenly Flame that was entirely purple in color.

“This kid... isn’t simple. No wonder he dares to take the test for a tier one alchemist at such a young age. He actually has some background. Looking at the richness of the Purple Flame, this kid’s strength is at least that of a five star Dou Zhe. What frightening training talent!” Frank sighed after he gradually calmed down.

“I was saying that I had a strange feeling when I met him for the first time. It was really unexpected that he could actually hide his ability under my nose. This kid, is quite mysterious…” Ao Tuo pulled on his long beard as he gave Frank a smile, “I suddenly have a desire to meet his teacher. I want to know just who could actually teach such an outstanding student. Ugh, compared to him, Xue Mei and Lin Fei are a grade lower.”

“Yes.” Frank nodded his head slightly and said with a smile, “To think that after these two girls fought for so long, they both ended up receiving a surprise blow from this young man called Xiao Yan. It is also just as well to let them learn the meaning of the two phrases ‘there is no limit to one’s ability’ and ‘there is always someone stronger than you’.”

“Circulate a message to the other cities Alchemist Association and seek their help in finding out whether there is a high tier Alchemist known as Yao Lao. Being able to groom such a student, he should not be someone unknown.” Frank waved his hand and called an alchemist over before his whispered his order.

The alchemist respectfully nodded his head before he stealthily left the hall.

In the corner, Ao Tuo simply smiled as he watched what happened. After which, he once again shifted his gaze toward the interior of the light curtain. In a soft voice, he said, “Although he may be able to control this unique Purple Flame, refining pills does not simply involve on the flame. One’s Spiritual Awareness, control of the flame, the quantity of the different medicinal ingredients needed etc, are all very important points. Now, we should just continue watching….”

Frank nodded his head. As a tier four alchemist, he naturally knew all this already. Therefore, he did not continue speaking. Instead, he silently looked at the young man behind the light curtain who was entirely focused on refining the medicinal pill.

Following their quietness, the hall once again fell into silence. This time around, however, most of the gazes were placed on Xiao Yan. Many people wanted to know whether this young man who could control a flame that appeared similar to a ‘Heavenly Flame’ would still be able to maintain an outstanding performance in the other criterias.

Xiao Yan, who was behind the light curtain, naturally did not have the leisure of observing the commotion in the hall caused by the Purple Flame. His gaze roughly swept across the stone table. Then he pick up a few types of medicinal ingredients at a speed that was neither fast nor slow before throwing them into the medicinal cauldron in an orderly and continuous manner. Under the suppression of his Spiritual Awareness, the ferocious Purple Flame was as docile as a sheep as it gently surrounded the medicinal ingredients that were thrown into the medicinal cauldron. After which, he began refining the essences of the different medicinal ingredients needed for the ‘Amassing Strength Pill’.

Under Xiao Yan’s gentle refining, the initial shape of the ‘Amassing Strength Pill’ was gradually formed within the medicinal cauldron.

Every stone table within the light curtain was separated by a smaller square-shaped light curtain. However, Xiao Yan’s Purple Flame was far too unique, causing the two beside him, Xue Mei and Lin Fei, to notice something not long after the Purple Flame was released. They tilted their heads over and their beautiful eyes widened when the soaring Purple Flame appeared in their sight. After a faint muffled sound, the medicinal ingredients they were refining in their medicinal cauldrons were burnt to ashes by their flame due to their attention being diverted. Ignoring the medicinal ingredients that had turned to ashes, the two girls opened their red sleek small mouths and blankly stared at the the Purple Flame that was cool, hot, and warm under Xiao Yan’s control. A moment later, they could not help but inhale a cool breath in his heart.

Although they did not know what the Purple Flame that Xiao Yan had was, they knew it was definitely harder to control compared to their dark yellow Dou Qi flame after looking at the extent of turbulence within the flame.

However, from the leisurely manner of the young man in front of them, it appeared that he was very proficient in the control of this Purple Flame. This extent of control was something that caused even the proud Xue Mei and Lin Fei to feel inferior to.

The gazes of the two girls shifted away from the medicinal cauldron. Finally, as though they had a tacit understanding, they placed their gazes onto the young man whose entire attention was focused on what was happening within the medicinal cauldron.

At that moment, the delicate and handsome face of the young man did not reveal the slightest bit of anxiety. A faint purple color was imprinted on his face due to the soaring Purple Flame. However, the exceedingly calm and leisurely demeanor almost caused the two young girls to think that the person in front of them was not an immature young man who was younger than twenty. Instead, he appeared as though he was a high-tier alchemist with a wealth of refining experience.

This kind of calm and leisurely demeanor was something that Xue Mei and Lin Fei could only see when their teachers were refining medicine. At this moment, however, the young man in front of them had once again let them experience it.

The gazes of the two girls met briefly in midair and both of them witnessed a bitter smile and defeat. “Uh…” Their gazes once again circled to Xiao Yan’s body and Xue Mei sighed gently. Her hand gently combed the silver hair on her forehead before she withdrew her attention and once again focused on her medicinal cauldron.

“This guy hid everything so well… I was actually mistaken by his appearance…” Once again, Lin Fei glanced at Xiao Yan as she muttered. The Xiao Yan who had been a simple passerby in her heart just a moment ago had risen to someone of high status who possessed a frightening talent and should be treated with the utmost respect.

Shaking her head, Lin Fei bitterly smiled and sighed again as she thought of the swiftness in the change of their positions. After which, she threw the second set of medicinal ingredients into the medicinal cauldron and began the refinement.

Xiao Yan, who had placed all his attention within the medicinal cauldron, naturally did not realize that the two girls were watching him a moment ago. His eyes were simply staring intently at the interior of the medicinal cauldron.

Under Xiao Yan’s concentration, time flew by quickly. After the medicinal pill in the medicinal cauldron flipped and rolled for an unknown number of times, it finally began to become round. Seeing the luster on the surface of the medicinal pill, Xiao Yan smiled. His palm slowly moved away from the medicinal cauldon. As his hand left, the purple colored flame in the medicinal cauldon also gradually disappeared.

Xiao yan’s finger lightly flicked and the cover of the medicinal cauldron was flipped open by a gentle wind. Xiao Yan’s hand then beckoned, prompting a pale yellow colored medicinal pill to shoot out of the medicinal cauldron and fly toward him.

Swiftly grabbing a jade bottle with his palm, Xiao Yan quickly waved it in front of him. The pale yellow medicinal pill was then precisely stored within it.

Xiao Yan raised his head after gradually putting the bottle down. He realized that the sheet of light around him had unknowingly been removed and that the surrounding gazes were all staring intently at him.

“Uhh… is the test time up?” Turning his head to look around, Xiao Yan found that Xue Mei and Lin Fei beside him were also staring at him and could not help but speak in an embarrassed voice.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s embarrassed expression, Xue Mei stilled slightly. She immediately nodded her head with a smile. Her cool voice was slightly gentler than it had been before, “The test was over a few minutes ago. However, teacher saw that you did not seem to have finished so he waited for a while. Relax, you will not lose your qualification to take the test because of this.”

Xiao Yan smiled at Xue Mei gratefully before raising his head and watch the smiling Frank and Ao Tuo who were walking over.

Slowly walking to the front of the stone tables, Frank glanced at Xiao Yan with a deeper meaning, he then smiled and laughed, “Little kid, you hide things very well.”

Xiao Yan waved his hand but did not say anything.

Frank and Ao Tuo first alternated to retrieve the medicinal pills Xue Mei and Ling Fei refined and carefully observed the medicinal pill’s color, luster etc. They nodded to each other and smiled, “Not bad. Although there was some shortcoming in the flame’s strength, these still meet the standard to pass the test.”

Hearing this, Xue Mei and Lin Fei gently let out a relaxed sigh.

After checking the two ladies’ medicinal pills, Frank and Ao Tuo did not immediately check Xiao Yan’s. Instead, they bypassed him and lifted the medicinal pills of the other six behind Xiao Yan to judge. Among these six, only two met the requirement. The other four lowered their heads in a crestfallen manner.

“Ha ha, all of you need not feel dejected. If you cannot do it this year, then do it the next year. Young people may not have much else but they do have lots of time.” Seeing the manner of the four, Frank smiled and encouraged them before exchanging a glance with Ao Tuo. The two of them once again arrived in front of Xiao Yan.

Seeing Frank and Ao Tuo’s action, the gazes in the hall gradually stopped on Xiao Yan.

Beside him, Xue Mei and Lin Fei were also curiously staring at Xiao Yan. They also wanted to know the standard of the medicinal pill that the guy who could control a mysterious flame managed to refine.

Lifting the goatskin parchment from Xiao Yan’s table, Frank glanced at it. His old face changed slightly as he said in an astonished manner, “Amassing Strength Pill?”

“Uh…” Hearing this, Ao Tuo also slightly stilled. Appearing as though he realized something, Ao Tuo immediately said with a smile, “No wonder this little boy took a little more time. You actually got this medicinal formula.”

Hearing the name ‘Amassing Strength Pill’. Xue Mei and Lin Fei helplessly shook their head. Just by comparing the level of difficulty of the medicinal formula, they were already inferior.

“Tsk tsk, the little kid does indeed have some ability. To successfully refine the ‘Amassing Strength Pill’. This medicinal pill is something that even some real tier one alchemists would have difficulty refining.” Smacking his lips in amazement, Frank poured out the medicinal pill from the jade bottle. Instantly, a pale yellow colored round medicinal pill around the size of a thumb playfully rolled out. It was entirely pale yellow with some faint dark green ripples that was mixed within, appearing like a spreading ripple and giving it a strange appearance.


Seeing the circular dark green ripples, Frank and Ao Tuo once again smacked their lips in amazement. When refining medicinal pills, these Pill-Lines would usually only appear on the refined medicinal pill that had peak color and luster.

Hearing the words ‘Pill-Lines’, Xue Mei and Lin Fei knew that during this examination, the both of them could not be compared with this young man beside them.

“Congratulations, Xiao Yan. You have passed the test for a tier one alchemist.”

After replacing the medicinal pill into the jade bottle, Frank gradually sighed and told the young man with a smile.

Hearing this, everyone in the hall looked at the lucky young man behind the stone table with both envy and surprise.

“Uh… that… “ Hearing these words, Xiao Yan blinked his eyes. He rubbed his head and softly said, “That… can I continue to take the test for a tier two alchemist?”

Immediately after Xiao Yan spoke, the faces of both Frank and Ao Tuo which were full of smiles just a moment ago became lifeless...

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