Chapter 165: The Test for a Tier One Alchemist

Chapter 165: The Test for a Tier One Alchemist

At the doorway, there was a tall figure with transparent eyes like the cold clear spring on top of a snowy mountain, an exquisite face, and long eyebrows. On her tall and nimble body was a tight silver colored dress. The silver colored clothing and her warm jade like skin complimented each other, giving the girl a special icy metallic beauty. What caused others to be most amazed about was that this girl in a silver dressed actually possessed long silver hair that extended to her waist.

This silver color was not the pale silver color of illness. Rather, it was like soft and gentle silver threads. As it drifted, it gave the silver clad girl a strange attraction.

After his gaze carefully sized her up, Xiao Yan could not stop praising in his heart. No wonder this girl was able to cause most of the gazes in the hall to heat up. This kind of loveliness and demeanor was considered to be excellent.

When compared to her, the one known as Lin Fei lacked this kind of spiritual demeanor. The soft and gentle silvery hair with full luster was easy to cause other females to feel a little jealous in their hearts.

After sweeping his gaze around, Xiao Yan slowly withdrew it. He moved his body slightly and consciously...

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