Chapter 1648: The End Is Also A Beginning (End)

Chapter 1648: The End Is Also A Beginning (End)

An incomparable battle had come to a close. However, it had left behind a seriously damaged Central Plains. The original prosperity had vanished. Additionally, the entire Central Plains had been split into two. A hundreds of thousand feet large deep abyss had split the it into two sections. This hundreds of thousands of feet huge deep abyss would be named the Two Di Abyss in the future. No one was able to forget the earthshaking battle that day…

The Central Plains had thus declined in prosperity. Fortunately, the disaster had also come to a halt.

The decisive battle had naturally ended with the alliance army being victorious following Hun Tiandi being sealed. Although many in the Hun clan had become much stronger after Hun Tiandi advance into the Dou Di, most of them had been used by Hun Tiandi as sacrifices to the blood blade before they could display this strength. The remaining people were a little desolates. Faced with being chased by the alliance army. They did not put up much resistance before surrendering.

Soon after the big battle came to end, the alliance army invaded the Hun Realm for the first time. However, the expected flourishing scene did not appear. After entering the Hun Realm, all they could see was bright redness. The entire space was filled with death. There was hardly any trace of people.

The alliance army discovered a hundred thousand feet large blood pool at the middle of the Hun Realm. The blood inside was incomparably viscous. Densely packed corpses and bones were present in the blood pool. Only after seeing this did the alliance army understood why the Hun Realm was so empty.

This was because the people here seemed to have been thrown into this blood pool. Hun Tiandi had indeed sacrificed everything to achieve his aim…

This type of person caused one’s heart to be chilled and terrified. Everyone felt that it was lucky that someone was finally able to subdue such a lunatic.

Some of the remaining people inside the Hub Realm were also brought away. After which, Gu Yuan and the rest joined hands to completely destroy this old hideout of the Hub clan. From that moment forth, theso called Hun clan would cease to exist on the Central Plains…

Amongst the eight ancient clans, only the Gu clan, Yan clan and Lei clan still existed. Oh, of course one must not forget the Xiao clan, who Dou Di bloodline had been once again activated because of Xiao Yan progressing into the Dou Di class!

The so called Dou Di bloodline benefited those whose blood was most closely related to Xiao Yan the most. The most obvious effect was naturally that felt by Xiao Yan’s daughter Xiao Xiao. She had directly soared violently...

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