Chapter 1645: Fight of the Two Dou Di (Part 1)

Chapter 1645: Fight of the Two Dou Di (Part 1)

The brilliant flame was just like a fire cloud that spread within the empty air. A terrifying temperature rose in this place, causing the sea of blood on the ground to quickly vaporize…

“Alliance chief! It’s alliance chief Xiao Yan!”

“The alliance chief has exited his retreat. We are saved!”

“All hail the alliance chief!”

This sudden flame protection caused everyone, who were fleeing in panic, to come to a halt. Many pairs of eyes were thrown towards the sky. Finally, they gathered on a familiar figure within the brilliant flame. Immediately, the faces of everyone revealed an excitement and wild joy. A deafening cheer resounded over this place. Many of them had even knelt down in their excitement. The hope after despair caused their faces, which still had some lingering panic, to tear from their great joy.

After the various battles, Xiao Yan’s position in the hearts of everyone within the alliance was something that no one could match. Although Xiao Yan might be lacking in terms of age and experience, everyone knew that it was precisely these seemingly weak shoulders that were supporting the entire alliance!

In the hearts of many members of the alliance, that figure was one that would never fail!

This was a kind of cult like crazy devolution that they had towards Xiao Yan in their hearts!

This kind of craziness would clearly...

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