Chapter 1643: The Strength of a Dou Di

Chapter 1643: The Strength of a Dou Di

“Hun Tiandi… he has succeeded…”

Gu Yuan’s and Zhu Kun’s expressions suddenly changed as they stood at the headquarters of the alliance. Their faces were filled with shock as they were lifted. They looked at the thick blood cloud outside of the defensive barrier. For the first time, they could sense an aura, which caused their souls to tremble, at that spot.

That aura was something that only an elite Dou Di possessed!

The only person within the blood cloud who could become an elite Dou Di was naturally Hun Tiandi!

“Today is the day that I, Hun Tiandi, has gain the title of a god!”

A vast and mighty voice filled with a bloody scent, descended from the sky and resounded over every corner of the Central Plains just as the expressions of Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun changed!

“Hun Tiandi!”

The area around the alliance headquarters immediately turned into an uproar after hearing this name, which was currently regarded as a demon. Everyone suddenly stood up. Their faces were covered with horror as they looked towards the sky.

“Buzz buzz!”

A hurried warning siren sounded within the star realm while everyone were shocked. The alliance army rushed out from...

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