Chapter 1642- Hun Di (Dou Di), Hun Tiandi!

Chapter 1642- Hun Di (Dou Di), Hun Tiandi!

All live cease to exist in the face of this calamity.

The blood cloud covered the Central Plains for three months. However, it did not show any signs of weakening.

During these three months, the prosperous and lively Central Plains had become unusually messy and desolated. Everyone were in panic as they searched for safe places to hide. Many had even ventured underground in hopes that doing so would allow them to hide from this calamity.

Thick blood cloud covered the sky above the Central Plains. Dense revolting bloody stench permeated the air. The land was bright red. Viscous blood dyed the Central Plains until it became like the land of the demons.

Dense white bone drifted within the sea of blood. There appeared to be countless sharp screeches reverberating within the sky, causing one's pores to stand.

Such a massacre was extremely rare even in the history of the Dou Qi continent. After all, regardless of what kind of big battle erupted, an ordinary person would most likely not intervene. However, the Hun clan could be considered extremely heartless this time around. Their massacre would not stop because of anyone’s identity.

Many people became increasingly hopeless in their hearts as they looked at the blood cloud in the sky, which left one’s heart cold. With more time passing...

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