Chapter 1641: Catastrophe

Chapter 1641: Catastrophe

An excited expression involuntarily surged into Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at the brilliant lotus floating on the sea of fire. There was no longer any of the so called Origin Qi remaining in the current Dou Qi continent. This meant that there would no longer be anyone who could advance into the Dou Di class.

Hun Tiandi had obtained the Di tier embryonic pill. This had given him the opportunity to step into the Dou Di class. The only hope of Xiao Yan and the alliance army was this Ancient God inheritance.

There was only two ways remaining to advance into the Dou Di class in the current continent. This was because only the Di tier embryonic pill and the Ancient God inheritance contained the two remaining Origin Qi in this world!

“My inheritance requires one to have a stone like heart. As long as a single thread of thought exist, one would never be destroyed!”

The Tou She Ancient God looked at the excited Xiao Yan. He smiled faintly and flicked his finger. That brilliant flame lotus slowly landed. Finally, it was suspended above Xiao...

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